Dota 2 fans have been eagerly waiting for the outcome of the BTS Pro Series while keeping a close eye on Seven teams participated in season 7, respectively Team SMG, T1, Motivate. Trust Gaming, OB Esports x Neon, Execration, Army Geniuses, Fnatic, and Galaxy Racer. Initially, it was only Fnatic that made it in the upper half in the group stage, and Galaxy Racer got into the top 3. In the end, Galaxy Racer was the winner of the event, and fans of the team were excited, while fans of the other teams were disappointed their team did not succeed this time. 

What Was the Prize Pool?

The event was an online-only one, and the prizes were pretty good. The prize pool was $50,000. Out of that amount, $14,000 was given to group stage wins, and $250 a pop. Then, the winner of the tournament would be the one receiving the rest of the money, respectively $18,000. 

How Did Galaxy Racer Win?

Galaxy Racer surprisingly beat Fnatic just a few days ago, on August 15th, when the tournament took place and it was suggested that it may have been thanks to his playlist. The last score was 3-2, and this is a great thing for them considering it is the first time they win in such a large tournament, especially against one of the best teams. They didn’t drop one series, which is what made their run at this event so clean. 

The game was an upper bracket final matchup rematch. There, Galaxy Racer managed to win by 2-0, which allowed them to move forward while Fnatic was left behind. Then, Fnatic played against SMG in the lower bracket finals, and they managed to beat them by 2-0. This way, they secured their way to a rematch with Galaxy Racer which, to their disappointment, they lost. 

The revamped roster of Galaxy Racer is already starting to show results, as they are amazing at the moment, and they are determined to be even better the next season. They want to join next year’s The International, so we may be able to watch them there. 

The team’s members were able to reverse-sweep the series thanks to the new roster, and as a result, they won a prize of $20,000 out of the $50,000 prize pool. 

Also, Galaxy Racer didn’t only secure a win against Fnatic. They were also able to win again T1, one of the fan-favorite teams and one of the best ones. It’s a sign that this team is great at playing Dota 2 and we may even see more of them in the future. 

The Dota 2 lineup of Galaxy Racer has inYourdreaM, AlaCrity, Jhocam, Poloson, and Meracle/Mizu , as well as coach xFreedom and asst. coach 343Dota. We should get ready to see more amazing performances from them in the future.