Patriots-Steelers: Game of the Year

That game yesterday was just what the doctor ordered. It was the highest rated game on CBS for three years. The Patriots get the number one seed and clinch the easy AFC East once again. The Patriots never really have two bad games in a row but yesterday they really didn’t play all that great. Injuries showed for the defense, which attributed to Ben Roethlisberger’s success.

The Final Drive…

To the drive and play everyone is talking about. Tight end Jesse James caught a pass from Ben Roethlisberger and as he crossed the plane the ball came loose and hit the ground. Was it a touchdown? No. Was it an incomplete pass? That’s a no too. You can clearly see his knee touch the ground before the ball crossed the plane and he lost control of it. It should’ve been first and goal at the one yard line for Pittsburgh. Secondly though what is Pittsburgh doing throwing on that final play? All they had to do was spike it and kick a field goal.

Brady Is Always Clutch

At the end of the day Brady is going to be Brady. Those Brady to Gronk completions were great during the final drive of that game. The defense gave up that big catch and run and then with a little help from the refs the Steelers lost the game after not electing to go for a field goal. The defense once they get the players back the Patriots should be better. That wasn’t there best performance and you don’t win that game without Tom Brady.

Now the Patriots have two easy cupcake games before heading into the playoffs with home field throughout. Get ready for a shootout in the AFC Championship game when the Steelers come to Foxborough at a chance to go to the Super Bowl.