The uproar of technology is based on a simple question: how to make things more convenient? With coffee on the go why not have gaming on the go? With smartphones you have everything you need at the end of your fingertips, since they’re basically tiny computers. So if you have the right apps for work why not have the right apps to help you relax?

The gaming industry has established long lasting franchises so it started moving games to portable screens people carry in their pockets. The sheer number of smartphone games is overwhelming, but people like the ability to choose. Gaming on the go, as other technology trends, isn’t perfect. Since it’s still growing there are some drawbacks it has to deal with and some positive aspects to improve.

Pros of Gaming on the Go

Variety is one of the reasons most people like playing mobile games. There are mobile strategy, RPG, FPS, mobile simulators and mobile casino games available in app stores. The quality of the games is getting better every year as more attention is put into graphics and gameplay.

Playing a mobile phone game with your friends is a way of virtually interacting with them. You can take on bosses together or team up to attack an enemy’s base, either way you’re enjoying your free time and spending time with people you like. Even when you’re not playing, you have something to talk about like the next move you’re going to make to beat the next level.

Although there are many apps that help you get fit, one game, so far, has incorporated exercising. Pokemon Go makes players go out and stretch their legs in the hunt for new Pokemon. It should serve as an example of innovative gameplay mechanics that keep the player fit and hooked to the game.

Cons of Gaming on the Go

Anyone who’s played any mobile phone game knows that enjoying one takes a toll on your battery. So if you plan on using your phone for calling people, taking pictures, making videos, browsing Instagram or Facebook you better charge it after playing your favorite game.

Another thing that makes players want to throw their phone straight through the window are ads. Many times when you’re creating a building or you’re on a win streak, an ad will pop up and mess up your uninterrupted enjoyment. That’s why companies offer full versions of games that you can play ad free, but the trick is you have to pay. Besides ad-less games, companies gives players the option of purchasing loot boxes or chests that give them an advantage against the others and increase their chances of winning.

It’s no secret that mobile phone gaming can cause problems for your health. Although gaming on the go is convenient, if you tend to play a game at night it might increase the chance of staying up late which later results in sleeplessness. Furthermore, the longer you play the bigger impact the screen brightness has on your eyes.

Gaming on the go is a trend that will likely become even more popular in the future by creating quality games with less drawbacks.