At around 10 o’clock last night, Gerry Callahan sent out 10 consecutive tweets about leaving WEEI, thanking specific people, and what played a big role in his departure.

“1) Well, if I had known I was gonna be this popular, I would have gotten my ass fired a long time ago. Can’t complain though: 35 years in radio, newspapers and magazines and my first time getting the axe. I’m just glad they gave me the last seven weeks of the summer off.” 

“2) If anyone from Entercom management had called, I would have thanked them. Maybe tomorrow. I wish I could thank everyone individually who reached out, but I don’t think that’s possible. At last check, more than 3,500 of you have texted, tweeted, emailed or called.”

“3) I appreciate all of you, believe me, but I want to single out a few people tonight. As many of you know, Kirk Minihane and I are done at EEI primarily because of one angry, obsessed, liberal activist who never stopped harassing our advertisers. He had some help from the Globe.” (Upcoming articles will explain this story line.) 

“4) They won in the end, but many companies stood by us and never gave in. I appreciate them more than they’ll ever know. These are people with guts and integrity who deserve your business. If you work for one of these companies, consider yourself lucky. We should all be so lucky.”

“5) I have to start with a man I’ve never met but adore: Ely Kaplansky of Kaplansky Insurance was the first to tell the activist to f**k off. Many others were loyal and strong, including my good friends Dana and Bill from Milton’s, Steve and Mark from DiStefano Hair Restoration,”

“6) and the great Jon Walsh, owner of Liz Grady. And don’t forget Greg from Shea Concrete, the best damn precast company on the planet. There are others – and I will salute them in the days to come – but these people were literally harassed DAILY for the better part of two years.”

“7) They stood strong and I can never thank them enough. Kirk, Mut and I had the two best producers in radio, Chris Curtis and Ken Laird. We had some terrific colleagues, including OMF guys, and we had thousands of loyal listeners, callers, texters, and tweeters. Thanks all”

“8) It was a good run, but these are scary times in the media business. One relentless activist with the help of one alleged media outlet can do a lot of damage. You need a strong and supportive boss who will fight for you, or you need a news job. I need a job.”

“9) I’ll be fine. I watched as my father got the boot from Raytheon after 40 years. I know it absolutely killed him – he loved that company – but he never stopped smiling, never stopped counting his blessings. It was a job. There were more important things in life”

“10) He was a better man and a harder worker than I’ll ever be, and two weeks after he was laid off, he was out roofing houses. I don’t think I’ll do that, but I’ll do something. I’m not going away. I heard Shea Concrete is hiring. Damn good company too.” 

Photo from The Boston Herald

Story by Chad Jones

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