It’s here. Spring training baseball is ramping up and seam-heads across the land are readying to descend upon waiting tourist traps in Florida and Arizona. The Boston Red Sox pitchers and catchers officially report on Wednesday, February 13th. Let’s get ready to defend the title.

Sights and Sounds

The Mets GM gets it. It’s the sights and sounds. When I flip through the files as I’m working on my taxes I hear the snap, crackle, pop of baseballs hitting gloves. Boy would that long haired dude look good in a Red Sox uniform.

Ain’t that a sight. Jet Blue Park is a great destination, the facilities are top notch, and you better believe there’s a lot of pomp and circumstance with a World Series Championship to celebrate. Speaking of celebrations…

Alex Cora’s Getting His Closeup

On Tuesday February 12th at 9pm EST, the MLB Network has their latest ‘MLB Network Presents‘ on Alex Cora. We all know Cora presses all the right buttons in the playoffs, but there’s a lot more to his story.

We’ll be back on Wednesday with some highlights.

Rules, Glorious Rules

There’s a bunch of horse-trading going on between the players and ownership regarding all sorts of rules changes. Pitch clocks, universal DHs and even less mound visits, oh my!

Speed up the action, it’s not complicated.

Debate about Barnes

There’s some scuttlebutt about the Red Sox plans to stay in house with their Closer this year. Barnes is ready, but not everyone is convinced. Sean McAdam of the Boston Sports Journal has a story about how risky this move might be.

Just like the Red Sox can’t win the World Series with a rookie manager with only one year of bench coach experience. In Cora we trust.

Here’s to sunshine and foul balls, fielding drills and batters up.

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