In the world of sports, golf has something of an unfair reputation with many people deeming it boring or not active enough to be considered a proper workout. There is also something of a stigma which can make it hard for newcomers to enter the fold. Golf clubs have an elite and somewhat stuffy reputation, which seems to suggest you can’t break into the ranks without full clothing, a good social network, and an urge to break the bank and buy Ben Hogan edge irons.

In truth, however, golf is an accessible, challenging activity which can quickly grow into a treasured hobby. To help you get started, here are our top tips for new or interested players— you will be swinging strong in no time!

Get Some Lessons

There can be resistance to receiving lessons or tuition, but this really is the best way to improve your game. Self-teaching can only take you so far and may mean you end up with bad habits which can be hard to break. A professional will help you get a solid foundation, which will have long-term advantages for your game.

Practice Your Putting

The driving range is a popular spot for players, and it is common to see people practicing hitting long-range shots for hours. This practice can help your game, but it can also result in neglect of your putting. Putts will account for around 50 percent of your total strokes in a round, yet research shows that players practice putting for less than 50 percentof the time. Get ahead of the competition by prioritizing this essential skill.

Get To Grips

The grip is a vital part of golf, and getting it right can make or break your game. This is also where an expert can help you and will work to help you decide which of the three grips—the Vardon, the baseball or the interlocking—best suits you. It can take months to perfect the grip, so take every opportunity to practice.

Make Friends With A Driving Range

A driving range allows you to practice hitting with no worries about finding the ball. Many clubs will also let you practice for free, and this will help you perfect your technique. It can also be a great stress reliever if you are in a less-than-good mood!

Learn The Etiquette

The elitist etiquette of golf can be off-putting to many new players, but it is often simply a case of learning the rules. It will keep you out of trouble and help you maintain good relationships with other players and club members. It can be a good idea to play and practice with an experienced golfer.They will know the rules and can show you the ropes.

Avoid New Balls

As a new player, you will be losing balls left, right, and center for quite a while. The price of new balls can quickly add up, so take advantage of the chance to stock up on second-hand balls and save yourself some serious cash.