Whether you are a beginner, amateur or true golf enthusiast, the clubs you are playing with are your most powerful tools on the field. Although many novice players overlook the importance of picking the right golf equipment, it is a fact that the quality of clubs and other gear you use has a direct impact on your score and overall success! 

How to pick the best club to satisfy your needs? This article aims to give you a kick-start by providing an honest Adams XTD forged irons review!

Main Pros

What makes Adam’s XTD line good? Below we have gathered some of the most significant pros:

  • Look – these clubs come in a very eye-catching design, are quite small, and mask technology at the address.
  • Feel – these clubs provide quite a punchy sensation at impact and deliver focused feedback to the player’s hands.
  • Playability – thanks to the weighty sole, these clubs show decent performance across all types of lies. In addition, we can call Adam’s XTD quite versatile. These clubs show decent game-improvement results and produce a spot-on, medium ball flight.
  • Distance – as was already mentioned, these clubs don’t seem to be giving up on the distance like many other forged irons tend to do. Instead, these clubs offer decent control and consistent distance.
  • Forgiveness – Adam’s forged irons show impressive forgiveness, control, and accuracy.

Main Cons

Although Adam’s XTD Forged Irons have plenty of benefits, they also hold a few drawbacks that are important to keep in mind. First of all, due to their low spin and low launch characteristics, such clubs are extremely demanding. This means that they won’t suit every player’s needs. Some golfers may find them too difficult to play with just like in the case with long irons. At the same time, others may say that in terms of feel, control, performance, and look, these irons also don’t fit into the definition of short irons. Therefore, the main con of these clubs is that they don’t fit everyone.

General Overview

Now, let’s move on to a quick overview of the company-manufacturer of these clubs. Adams Golf was founded in 1991 and became extremely popular thanks to its high-quality golf clubs. The company has been among industry leaders for many years until 2012 when the company was acquired by another famous worldwide manufacturer of golf supplies Taylor Made. 

Now let’s move on to the clubs we are going to review in this article. Adams XTD is probably the best forged irons out there because they don’t sacrifice distance. Introduced to the public in 2014, these clubs were created by the company in order to see what Adams Golf could produce if they weren’t limited in budget. These clubs are made of the high-quality materials and, unlike traditional forged irons, they feature a unique Cut-Thru Slot Technology invented by Adams Golf. The same technology is used in the company’s hybrids, and its idea is to make the club face faster, at the same time, enhancing the club’s forgiveness. Forged, hollow blades of Adam’s XTD consist of a carbon steel body, a maraging steel face, and tungsten weights to optimize CG.

In general, these clubs are created to improve the way you play golf. Thus, these clubs will be a perfect choice for a beginner thanks to their decent distance, forgiveness, and game-improvement features. However, the price of these irons is far beyond most beginners’ budgets. Depending on the type of club you choose (graphite or steel), the price tag will vary from $1,000 to $1,200, which makes it hardly affordable for most players.