In Australia, greyhound racing is a multi-million industry, especially in Victoria and New South Wales. In NSW alone, the Greyhound Racing Association has reported revenues reaching AUD$ 2.47 billion as of 2021, representing a 38.6% hike from AUD$ 1.78 billion reported a year before. 

Almost four years ago, Greyhound Racing NSW launched the Million Dollar Chase—a high-stakes race that sees the winner taking AUD$ 1 million. This year’s final competition is slated for September at Wentworth Park, but a series of races are being conducted to determine the final qualifiers. Other greyhound racing actions are heating the racetracks elsewhere in the country. 

If you’ve yet to participate in the action, it’s vital to exercise due diligence by gathering as much information as possible. Check out Punters greyhound tips and similar sites to build your knowledge. Additionally, you can boost your chances by reading this article. 


1. Check the greyhound’s performance history 


As with other race types, choosing the competition winner is challenging. You can boost your betting skills by scanning online and offline sources about your bets. Check for essential information such as age, racing history and performances during the most recent competitions, to name a few. Doing so can provide ample information about how the runner might perform for the upcoming event.   

Additionally, consider the dogs’ performances in all traps. Some greyhounds may perform in traps familiar to them. Typically, dogs consistently placed among the top finishers in previous greyhound races where different traps were used have better chances of winning.         


2. Study your greyhound bets on video 


Complement your analysis with video replays of a runner’s performance in previous competitions. Observe their racing form, especially during the first few seconds and until the runner approaches the finish line. Check out this video for racing reviews and tips.

Besides looking at performance and form, check your bet’s speed, stamina and breed, as these can be good indicators of a canine’s potential. For instance, a runner whose parents have a history of good performance on the track may inherit their ability.


3. Greyhounds have different running styles


Runners have different racing styles. Some burst into speed during the first few seconds of the competition, only to tire out in the middle of the race. Without enough stamina, this type of runner may not be able to finish the race on time. 

Conversely, some dogs can sprint in the middle of the competition or start slow then burst into the finish line at the final stages. This may impact their predictability on the racetrack. Ideally, your best choice should be one with speed and enough stamina to win the greyhound race, which isn’t much different when choosing a bet on horse racing events.


4. Form cards contain valuable information 


Take time to read the form card, which contains relevant information to help choose the potential winner for the greyhound race. This valuable betting tool is often available to punters on the racetrack during the event. If betting online, you can access its electronic version before the competition. On it, you’ll find the odds, race number, schedule, and the segment for each runner, alongside trap assignments. Participants’ details include their parents, gender, owner and trainer. A dog’s statistical performance, including the number of competitions won and recent race placements, may also be included.   


5. The favourite isn’t always slated to win  


In greyhound racing, it’s estimated that favourites win about 30% of the time. If you’re betting for fun, your safest bet may be the popular choice. However, there’s also a 70% chance that you’ll lose, so the crowd favourite may not be able to provide the best value for your bet.     

As a beginner, you can diversify your wager and increase your odds by choosing the win and place option. Under this wager type, you’ll collect prize money if your bet gets the top spot or places on the first three spots. The downside is that you need to pay higher, as you’re paying for two chances. 


6. Greyhound race bets aren’t too different from horse races 


If you’ve bet on horse racing before, you’ll find that most wager types for greyhound racing follow the same format. Besides the win and place bet mentioned above, you can also pick ‘win’ if you’re confident that your bet will lead the race. Choosing the ‘place’ wager means you’ll collect winnings if your dog places first, second, or third. These straightforward bets are recommended for beginners.   

Other pricier wager types include trifecta, quinella and exacta and are generally reserved for more experienced punters.     


Like all types of sports betting, picking the winner in greyhound racing is challenging, especially if you don’t have the necessary information. To hone your betting skills, take in as much information as possible before placing your bets. If you’ve never placed a wager before, stick to small bets until you become confident with your choices.      


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