Gronk Is Back and Healthy

Training camp wouldn’t be the same without Gronk, and it sure is good to see him on the practice field. Both Brady and Gronkowski decided to skip voluntary OTA’s earlier this offseason. Tom was away to spend time with his family, and maybe a little time away from the boss. Meanwhile, Gronk could’ve been away for many reasons. Retirement, as he stated after the loss to the Eagles last year, is not one of them. If my opinion matters, I think that a contract restructure could’ve been the cause for skipping OTAs. Gronk is about to make $9 million dollars this upcoming season. He could possibly want an extension or some guaranteed money up front. He is the best TE in the NFL, and arguably of all time, and he’s still playing with the best QB in the world.

Gronk Having Fun Again

Courtesy of Getty Images

Watching training camp, Gronk seems to have a little spring in his step mentally. He’s been acting like the Gronk of old. Rob Gronkowski has seemed to have done a complete 180 from a year ago at this time. He’s been actively helping the new faces, showing them the dedication it takes to play for Bill Belichick. While at the same time he’s been noticeably happier out on the field and after practice. His agent Drew Rosenhaus was spotted at camp recently, which could mean his contract situation is being taken care of. Rosenhaus is the agent of multiple Patriots, so it may have nothing to do with Gronk at all. With the expectation of the contract being done a week ago I believe it is no coincidence as to why was there.

Bill Has Done His Part

Courtesy of USA Today

Finally, Gronk comes in fully healthy, possibly another reason for him seeming so happy. He’s now able to focus on the little things not having to worry about nagging little injuries, just focusing on the grind and loving every minute of it from what I have seen. Bill Belichick has also done his part during camp. At the end of practice he switched the offense and defense for a quick scrimmage. Camp has certainly seemed a lot lighter this year. Everyone’s still working hard, but things have lightened up. With all the outside noise about this team not getting along, I believe it’s just the same old Patriots, with the same old happy Gronkowski. Come September 9th, we will be watching the same product on the field as always with many Gronk spikes.