More Patriots Drama…

Via UMass Blogs

Not only is Rob Gronkowski not participating in offseason workouts. He’s also boycotting traditional medical treatments. It seems Gronkowski would rather get all of his treatments at the TB12 center with Alex Guerrero. This is another shot at Bill Belichick. Deion Sanders sent out a tweet on April 13th stating that professional sports are a business first. Gronkowski retweeted that tweet. For Gronkowski to skip the voluntary workouts is one thing, but to completely boycott his medical treatments is a bigger issue.

This whole offseason for the Patriots has been nothing but drama and things leaking out about the team. We’ve been told the Patriots are different from everybody else, that they don’t let anything get to them. In reality they are just like every other organization. Belichick has been running the Patriots this way for 18 years. He isn’t known to pay his players. Gronkowski wants to get paid, and the only reason he’ll play this season is that Tom Brady is the quarterback. If Brady wasn’t the quarterback you’d be seeing him in Hollywood.

Gronkowski Wants to Get Paid

Belichick doesn’t have time to play these games, which is why he held the press conference on Friday. All this chatter and talk about the two biggest players on the team. All Belichick is doing is trying to build a team so he can be successful this year and Josh can take over in the future.

People won’t move past the Malcolm Butler benching in the Super Bowl two months after the game. Everyone is more into the benching of Butler than the Eagles actually winning the game. Is Gronk taking it too far and feeding the media with things to talk about? Maybe, but he is definitely making a statement boycotting traditional medical treatment.