Gronk Says ‘Fake News’ Is Being Reported

It was reported before the Super Bowl that  Rob Gronkowski was thinking about retiring. After the Super Bowl he was thinking about his career and what his plan was moving forward. Then we got that he was thinking about an acting career and sending people signs on social media with his tweets. Gronkowski on Saturday did a press conference and made a fool out of himself and the team. He talked about how much he was going to be working on his dirt bike skills and not be attending the offseason workout program.

Belichick Gave Gronk a Choice

Via CNNOn Tuesday, Gronk met with Belichick because he gave him the ultimatum: that he’s either in or out. Gronkowski said that he’s been working out and will be ready for the 2018 season, which is what he wrote on Instagram. Now, yesterday he posted a video of Patriots fans saying there is a lot of fake news being reported. I’d like to know what that is since Gronkowski is the one that started this whole thing. He’s also saying how he feels more pliable. Gronkowski is heading to the Bahamas to shoot Shark Week, but will be ready for the 2018 NFL Season.

With the NFL Draft is tonight, the Patriots had to know if he was going to be in or not. Would they have to draft a tight end? They still might, but who knows because they do need other help besides on the offensive side of the ball. I swear, since the Super Bowl every single day there’s something new to talk about with this team. It’s amazing. You have the three other teams in Boston doing well and the Patriots are still making headlines. Unreal.

Maybe some of the things being reported were blown out of proportion, however, the overall gist is there. There’s are a rift and Gronkowski was told to keep his mouth shut and get ready for the season.