Red Sox Getting into the TB12 Method


Hanley Ramirez is finding ways to stay in good shape. Ramirez is apparently taking a page out of the TB12 method to better himself. We’ve seen other teammates on the Patriots use Brady’s program, but now it has shifted to the Red Sox players.

Ramirez Spoke About the Workout Plan


Hanley spoke to the media last week about Brady’s workout plan, saying, “I went on the Tom Brady side I think it’s 100 percent everything he says in the book, the work he does, makes sense.” Hanley had offseason shoulder surgery and really talked in length Friday about Brady’s workout. “I started doing that last year at the end of the season a little bit — with the bands I Think I was feeling a little better. I was waiting for the offseason to start 100 percent.”

Hanley Is Coming off an Injury

Via TB12 Sports

With his injured shoulder during the season last year Hanley only hit 23 home runs and 62 RBI’s. Hanley thought he was hitting with one arm last season and said Friday that he should’ve hit 30 home runs instead. Alex Cora talked in length about Ramirez, saying, “He looks a lot different than what I saw the last two years. The last two years he reminded me a lot about (former NFL linebacker) Ray Lewis — with how big he was.”

With Hanley feeling better and looking forward to playing in 168 games this season at first base. Ramirez trying to better himself with the help of a 40 year old quarterback is great. Ramirez has not met with Alex Guerrero, he only read the book he said. Hanley was signed to a four year $88 million dollar contact in 2015. I’m sure with a new manager and him feeling good he should be fine.

We’ll see if other players follow Brady’s workout plan. Who knows we may see players from other sports besides football and baseball try the TB 12 method out.