Horse racing is a heart-pumping performance race with or without the riders. The riders, you could call them “Jockey’s” – they depend on the horse and vice versa. We may have discussed about the events or the best betting tips (which we will still mention in the later part of this article) – but it will be interesting just to know about what goes on in a horse racing event.

Is Horse Racing a safe sport for the animal?

PETA obviously disagree with that. But, they have surely laid out some strict guidelines, only then the horse racing is considered to be safe.

If you already know about it – you must be wondering why am I discussing it even. But, for the newbies here – you should know about it to be sure that horses aren’t being harmed.

What are the major horse races?

If you want to dive in deep to know about the horse racing sport in general – you should not miss the major horse races.

The major ones include:

– Kentucky Derby

– The Preakness Stakes

– Belmont Stakes

– Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe

– The Royal Ascot

– Dubai World Cup

– The Grand National

These are some of the world’s best racing events. Of course, The Grand National and Cheltenham Festival – being one of the biggest National Hunt racing events from the bunch.

Types of Horse Racing

Yes, there are different type of horse racing. For which, you should know the terminology to identify the jargons.

The most common types are:

  • Jump Racing
  • Flat Racing
  • Endurance Racing

In the case of Jump racing, which is what you observe in a national hunt event like the Grand National – involves hurdles to jump over. There are no other obstructions except the hurdles. The ground is perfectly fine with no ditches.

In the case of Flat racing, the tracks are mostly oval in shape and level. This is one of the most popular types of racing worldwide and has the biggest distribution of money to the owners/riders. In other words, bigger purse.

In the case of Endurance racing, it is all about the distance. It could be a short one for about 10 miles. But, the more distance, the better for this category – if you want the real deal. Casual endurance racing for about a couple of miles also takes place but that isn’t competitive.

What are the grades in Horse Racing?

There are different grades and classes in horse racing. It counts when you want to asses the races according to caliber they belong to.

Even as to strategize betting, you need knowledge of this sorts.

So, let us cut to the chase: There are three grades (1,2, and 3). Here, Grade 1 represents the highest caliber.

What do you need to know about betting in Horse Racing sports?

It is completely legal to bet and gamble on horse racing events. You will find gambling stations at the race events where you can bet on a horse to win and increase your chances for a higher stake.

However, on some tracks – it is prohibited. So, you need to inquire before taking on some legal heat while betting on the race events. If all goes well with your betting, you might just get lucky to score some big prize!

Also, keep an eye on the bookies offers for various kinds of betting bonus, offers, and stuff.

Horse Racing: Region-wise in a nutshell

Horse racing, unlike any other sport is not being organized everywhere. It is limited to certain continents. So, if you have a kick for it – you should know if you can look for it on your country to get a closer look on it.

For the complete list of continents, you should refer Wikipedia’s page on Horse racing to to dig deeper.

Wrapping Up

Isn’t it interesting to know a lot of potential things about Horse racing sports? Well, yes, it can be quite intriguing – the types, the events, the horses, the grades, the purses, and the bettings for bookmarkers.

There’s a lot to learn in detail if you want to either get into sponsoring someone or just bet on a horse to enjoy the race. You be the judge and make sure to look for more details if you are excited already after knowing about the horse racing sport.