A very important aspect of a serious golfer is a golf club.  They’re the most useful piece of equipment for a golfer. Even a slightly better-researched and engineered wedge can make a huge difference in terms of hitting your shots. Even a normal player can differentiate between a regular and a good golf club. The other day, I saw an ad on TV about a square strike wedge, which was so appealing that I was bound to order it as soon as possible.

It the Square strike wedge just a commercial hype?

But just like anybody else, I too, had to check its reviews on the Internet. So, just like a normal user, I searched for square strike wedge reviews 2019 And to my surprise, I found out that the company was no just an ordinary company selling wedges. I found out from my research that they’re extremely powerful in selling their wedges. So I decided to place them to the evaluation to find out whether there were any fake hypes about the product or it was a game-changing wedge. Thus, I purchased a Square Strike wedge, currently among the hottest infomercial items and an Amazon bestseller in golf-related goods.

I tried and tested it for a week and gotta admit this. It’s intended to work as an ordinary golf club with an extremely vertical right angle and thicker head. It’s the 45-degree attic, very similar to some Pitching Wedge from several golf companies. But folks, it does work. It did help me hit better shots and I am pretty happy with the product that I purchased.

Firstly the handle is grippy which can help many people to have a better grip right out of the box. Besides, the top edge is angled so the club can’t directly dig in the ground. And the most important point, they’ve engineered the product in a way that the weight of the bat is into the toe, and this can be a very game-changing point in a wedge.

To make a long story short, they’ve made a club to assist golfers that are experienced and especially new people entering golf. All this has been possible by the countless efforts by the engineers and also that has been proven to work by the company’s research. The engineers behind the development of the Square strike wedge have tested this product on multiple people including the newbies and the experienced ones. The Square Strike wedge helps to hit the shots in a specific motion, which is very simpler and useful for many golfers to get their balls floating around the greens.

Tried & Tested by Golf Professionals

I’ve analyzed the Square Strike wedge many times on the practice on my golf course, its been countless hours and still, the product has not disappointed me. Also, I took reviews about the wedge from my fellow golfers and none seem to have a single complaint about the club. Everybody is surprised by the little improvements that have helped them to hit their shots better than ever. Despite my first week of testing the square strike wedge, the club performs quite well. And you already know that a new club takes time to master and get comfortable with. But to my surprise, I felt like this was the club I had been using for years already. It felt much better than I anticipated, and the burden didn’t bother me much.

There was a golfer alongside me who had been the perfect thing to check. He had an overly long sweep onto his shots and the bat with his palms on. We also had a golf rangefinder with us to check out accurately about the yards. He consented to shoot a few photos using the Square strike wedge, plus he just made the same low-running shots which I had a hard time playing. The golfer explained, “it seems just like a sledgehammer, but I’d use it happily”. Now that statement was enough for me to recommend this product to anyone related to Golf.

I feel this bar can be quite powerful in getting the ball around the pit surface in case you have sufficient green to you. However, I’ve got some things that I don’t like about the square strike wedge which I would like to address on. At least for me, these things can be improved. They might not even matter to you but I have to also inform you about the cons of the product.

Lesser Range Of Motion/Flexibility

The most important issue with this Square Strike is that there isn’t any flexibility for the golf club. Today that’s an important chance to get about the golf course, but a part of being a fantastic wedge player has shooting alternatives in several conditions. If you utilize this bar, it usually means that you simply give one room on your bag for one more wedge.

The Square Strike wedge has been designed to have its weight on a lower angle, with less twist and thus has a lesser elevation. Although it’s not difficult to swing the bar and make contact, you receive a lesser running shot which will look pretty much on the green. Again, that isn’t a terrible thing; it merely limits your choices.

There’s nothing more irritating than twenty-five inches in the green and the ball can’t get on the surface. Whether this club will help remove those shots is a question that might occur to most of the people. But, trust me it does hit them up to greater distances. They’re not so complex and maybe radically improved with the ideal exercise and technique. I would rather see golfers than purchase a golf club which restricts the type of photograph which you can play and don’t permit you to create your wedge technique.

It’s not difficult to hit and generates few moving pictures that golfers need to do on the monitor.

My honest conclusions:

I noticed I recommend it to many golfers. If you’re somebody who feels unhappy along with your short game and appears to steer clear of heavy shots, skulls along with also the yips (all awful words) — I believe that it can help you. For $89 it costs significantly less than many premium wedges, therefore it isn’t a massive investment.

On the flip side, the club is just able to create a few shots. Besides, I don’t feel this can allow you to become a better leash participant generally.

If your short game bleeds greatly, the Square Strike may be a wonderful plaster. However, if your purpose is to eventually become a better leash player, generally speaking, it can make more sense to acquire a couple of short sport lessons and exercise longer.