Three Weeks ‘Til Pitchers and Catchers Report

Put yourselves in the shoes of JD Martinez. You have been presented with an offer by the Red Sox for a whopping five years, $125 million. Not many teams have shown that much interest in JD, but he was given an offer he and Boras shouldn’t refuse.

Now you’re in the mind of Eric Hosmer. You have two seven year deals awaiting you. The Padres offering seven years for $140 million, and Kansas City is matching their offer but for $147 million.

Life is looking pretty good right? The only issue with these offers is that Hosmer and Martinez have yet to sign.

There are three weeks until pitchers and catchers report, and the top two hitters in the free agent market have yet to sign with a club. For JD’s case, this guy should just sign already. His bat speaks for himself. He’s coming off a season compiling an average of .303, mashing 45 homers, tallying 104 RBI’s and a slugging of .690. Needless to say, this guy can rake. Aside from his lower expected fielding percentage throughout his career (.980 lifetime), JD should definitely be able to believe he’s worth the amount he’s asking. JD willing to hold out until Spring Training may end up causing a team to jump out and give him a deal, but teams may want to really consider what he’s worth.

For Hosmer, it’s only a matter of time he finally decides what $140+ million dollar deal he chooses. If he chooses wisely he’ll go back to KC. Coming off a season hitting .318 with twenty-five homers, and 94 RBI’s, Hosmer is deserving to earn a big contract by KC. By simply “one-upping” the Padres deal, Kansas City do not want to lose Hosmer. His positive impact towards the community and his leadership role also seems to make the most sense on why he would return as their franchise guy. They also won a World Series and a few pennants with him.

So please, Eric and JD just sign already. End this horrifically boring offseason and just find a place to play for like the next five or seven years.