Despite what all fans and supporters have been thinking, new details regarding Tom Brady’s new
contract just keep emerging from the cracks and the news, as always, is enthralling.

Tom Brady, the American quarterback superstar, recently signed a two-year extension with the
Patriots. Now this news may not seem so significant to some, however, given the circumstances, the
surfacing of finer details add value to the deal and have left fans in absolute awe of the superhuman
powers Brady seems to possess.

When it was first discovered Brady, at the ripe age of 42, signed a two-year extension on his current
contract with the patriots, it came as a surprise. But what had fans in complete wonder and
appreciation of the athletes abilities was his salary bump from $15 million to an incredibly envious
$23 million on top of the extension. The news is widely regarded as ‘headline news’ due to the
impact it has on future NFL games affecting, not only supporters but online sports bettors, from
notorious sites including top brands, and other competitive
industries heavily reliant on NFL team trades and sales.

What recently came to light, however, in the new contractual agreement, two years automatically
‘void’ on the last day of the 2019 season. This isn’t uncommon for football teams, but it is a first for
the Patriots. The reason why contracts are tailored for voidable years is ultimately to spread out
salary caps, allowing star players more in terms of salary than otherwise acceptable. Another finer
detail that has recently emerged regarding the contractual agreement, is a small clause which makes
the biggest impact on the team. The fresh agreement doesn’t allow the New England Patriots rights
to transition tag his name for the 2020 NFL season fast approaching.

What does this mean? Essentially, Tom Brady, key player for the Patriots, will be a free agent for
however small of a moment in 2020. This alone is cause for alarm for the Patriots as well as fans
throughout the United States. Despite Brady’s close-knit relationship with the Patriots, there are a
number of NFL teams looking for players just like Brady, teams in dire need of strong players. Brady
himself told the press he was in a ‘unique’ situation regarding his contact with the Patriots. The
reason for the structure of the deal was because the Patriots didn’t want to restrict themselves in
future years to come, so they gave the quarterback an $8 million bump in salary. Brady could, of
course, walk away after the Super Bowl, but then the Patriots wouldn’t have hurt themselves giving
Brady the bump in salary and they still have Brady representing the Patriots. However, Brady, like
most other players prefer long term contracts and not to just be signed on the tag, so the contract,
although hurts both sides a little, is also beneficial for both sides and is essentially what brought the
Patriots and Brady to this agreement.

Naturally, Brady was interviewed and asked where he stood with the new development to which he
responded diplomatically that the reality of the situation is that every player on the NFL is on a year
to year view. He continued by saying that most players find themselves in this reality and that he
didn’t think he was any different from any of them. Brady noted that football was a ‘tough business’
and that he was ready to go this year and this was his main focus.

Brady has been with the Patriots for 20 years and feels that where he is at is a unique situation in
unchartered territory. But there is always room for caution and Patriots fans want to see him remainon the team but should the football star decide to continue his career at 43, he would be the first to
make history given the situation.

A Future with the Patriots

Tom Brady has been given an extension on his current contract with the Patriots, but what makes
fans believe that the star quarterback will remain put is in addition to his current salary increase, it is
projected the Patriots have scheduled to give Brady a further increase of $7 million, increasing his
salary from $23 million to 30 million in 2020 and then another increase is scheduled for 2021 which
will bump his salary to $32 million. This hasn’t yet been contractualized however, depending on
what the year holds for Brady, it is most likely this is how things will play out for both sides.
Tom Brady is a future Hall of Fame NFL player and with 20 year’s experience in the game and with
the Patriots, many fans are hoping his career will extend to 22 years or more right where he is, with
the Patriots.