JT Realmuto isn’t the slugger Red Sox faithful imagined coming to the South Shore from South Beach. As an underdog acquisition, Realmuto in Boston could have promise. JD Martinez may be the player who is on everyone’s list this holiday season, and for good reason. I believe Realmuto would come at a low price point that the Sox can easily afford, as a compliment to a Martinez deal.

Realmuto is Real Deal:

As Craig Mish reported this morning around 10 am EST, Realmuto has approached Miami’s front office about being traded. You have to imagine Jeter is licking his chops, and is ready to deal out another player.

It would not come as a surprise if most Boston fans have not heard of JT Realmuto. He is an impressive catcher, who is starting to show progress each year at the plate, in his year 26 season. Although Realmuto has yet to add any accolades to his young career, there is room to improve. To me, JT is very reminiscent of a young Jason Varitek. With the captain a new member of the Red Sox front office, it may be destiny. Varitek’s role with the organization was described as a boots on the ground position. He will be more involved with player development, rather than any behind the desk work for the Red Sox.  So, in theory, Tek could mold Realmuto into the leader he was, but that seems like another Red Sox dream that is too good to be true.

The tough part of this trade, is the realization that Christian Vazquez isn’t the catcher of the future.  Vazquez does have incredible value right now, coming off the season he had last year. But five home runs for the worst power team in the league doesn’t seem like a solution for 2018. Vazquez’s batting statistics are improving, and defensive metrics are sublime. Yet the two catchers are identical in age, and Realmuto checks more boxes in his MLB progression than Vazquez. Realmuto more than doubles most of Vazquez’s run production at the plate. Finding a catcher who can produce those numbers is valuable and realistic, especially when their first name isn’t Buster.

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Why Not Yelich:

To me, this seems a bit more realistic and practical than any trades for Christian Yelich.  Yelich does have more  superstar status than Realmuto, but what Yelich provides is no different than what you’d trade to get the silver slugger outfielder.

Personally, these statistics are not drastically different than Realmuto. The Red Sox outfield, compared to catching, has a bit more stability. The Red Sox rumored to trade Jackie Bradley Jr. in a Yelich deal, which to me seems like insanity. The benefits in getting Yelich may be in his two years of youth that JBJ may not have, but the stats between these two aren’t drastically different enough for me to press the big red button on Yelich.

It would be ideal for Red Sox fans see JD and JT under the tree this winter. This period in the offseason is hopefully the quiet before the storm of Red Sox trades. If these aren’t the guys on your Red Sox holiday list, who would you like to see in Boston come spring?