According to the latest report, there are around 40,000 greyhound races in different parts of Australia. Greyhound racing is a popular gambling activity in the country. Below, we have discussed tips on how to place bets safely on greyhound racing events. 

Common Types of Bets You Should Know

Before you start betting on greyhound racing, you need to understand the different types of bet placed in these racing events:


  • Win Bet


It is a common type of bet in which you select a greyhound and back its win in the race.  If your greyhound wins, you earn at a starting price of the bet. 


  • Place Bet


It is quite similar to a Win bet, which involved selecting a greyhound and backing its win. However, in a place bet, you win even if your greyhound finishes 2nd or 3rd in the race. 


  • Forecast Bet


You have to predict the 1st and 2nd winners in the greyhound racing in this type of betting. Here the greyhounds selected by you should finish at the position chosen by you.  

Start With Small Bets

According to experts like Sportsbet Greyhound Racing, you need to have a cautious approach in betting. If you have never placed bets on a dog race, you need to start with small bets. For example, if a greyhound is priced at $2.40, place a bet of $1. If the greyhound wins, you get $3.40. 

To place a bet, you need to tell the agent that you want to “Place bet” of $1 on No.6 for the next race at Wentworth Park. If the No.6 greyhound comes first, second, or third in the race, you win.

Pay attention to the Dog’s Record

Every dog and race is different. All dogs have a specific record of the distance range in which their performance is enhanced. The natural qualities of dogs like speed, stamina, and mental stability matters in racing. The breed of the dog also determines its performance and the outcome of the race. 

Get the History of the Trainer 

The dog trainer is as important as the dog. However, the training style, training period, and experience of the dog trainer are equally important. To be on the safer side, you need to place bets on a trained dog by a professional and well-experienced trainer.

Select the Bookmarker Carefully

Not all betting sites are right for gambling. You need to look for a betting site like Sportsbet Greyhound Racing that uses secure and safe payment gateways to process financial transactions. The site should offer different modes of payment and have clear policies for discounts and bonuses. 

Bet on Events With High Odds

Not all racing events are the same. Some greyhound racing events have higher odds.  Though there is less chance of winning at higher odds, you will earn huge if you win. It is okay to take a greater risk in gambling after you have enough knowledge about greyhound racing betting.

To sum up, greyhound racing is simple to understand. As a bettor, you have a good chance of winning if you know greyhound racing tips. A detailed reference to greyhound racing tips can play a critical role while developing a betting strategy.