Did you know that people form an opinion within 60 seconds of interacting with an object or a person? While creating a product, software developers try to put themselves in the players’ shoes. About 70% of the product assessment is based on color schemes alone.

Not only does color differentiates brands from competitors, but it also triggers and has an influence on emotions- an influence that can be positive or negative. Emotions are relative and depend very much on our current state of wellbeing. Colors can play a big role in forming an emotion. Therefore, it is very important to understand the product in order to maximize its true potential.

We will expose the story behind color management through the perspectives of color psychology. What is the influence and how do they influence the casino industry?

Color Fundamentals

To understand colors, we have to get scientific and understand how we see and perceive them. There is a spectrum of six distinct colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet. Red has the longest wavelength, while violet’s waves are the shortest. Red is referred to as a stimulating and exciting color, while blue is quieter and more soothing.

Applying these colors to your brand can make your brand image more vivid in consumers’ eyes. Purple is associated with wealth and mystery, while red is the color of excitement. Orange, on the other hand, can increase the enthusiasm, happiness and attention span. All of these color traits represent how a player feels when playing a casino game. 

The neurons are stimulated by bright lights that increase the attention, focus, and ability to memorize things. Game designers use different lights for emphasizing the payouts, bonuses and other elements relating to the games. On the online casino pages, bright colors accentuate special offers, game categories or ads. Designs know how to attract and engage with the help of colors. However, they do respect regulation guides and moderate gaming and inform players about health policies and prevention.

Red and Black

Probably you know that the most classic casino colors are red and black. In roulette, whether you are playing the American or European version – these colors can be seen all over the board and the wheel. There are a total of 36 numbers and each half is colored in red and black.

Playing cards also use these two colors. Two suits – hearts and diamonds are colored red, while clubs and spades are black. Combinations of the same colored suit are also a winning combination in certain games like poker. 

Fruity and pastel colors

If you are familiar with how slot games look, you probably know how colorful and engaging they look. To get the impression about the design and experience, check this colorful online slot Starburst that is among the top played online slot games. Almost every slot game includes fruits or symbols that have vivid and appealing colors and designs. This color variety makes it easy for players to notice the difference between certain symbols and be comfortable while playing the game. 

Solid Golden

What color comes to your mind when you think about the jackpot? For us, it is golden coins pouring out of a slot machine and flashing jackpot screen. Gold is associated with glamour, fortune, and prosperity. Apart from coins and poker chips, golden bars are very common as a reward in the land-based casinos. When online, it often refers to whether you got a big reward, triggered a bonus game or that you hit the jackpot. 


Colors trigger emotions, and they tend to build an impression and a state of mind. They have always been an essential association with the identity of a brand. Colors also have a significant impact on people’s opinion about a certain matter. Each color holds an array of meanings with a palette of senses. In combination with smart animations, high-resolution quality images, and seamless effects, they engage and stimulate player’s ability to focus and pay attention.