Divorce is ranked as one of the most traumatic life events people experience next to the death of a loved one or serious illness. Deciding to go your separate ways is a huge deal that brings with it a lot of financial, personal and legal trouble. It is not surprising that when someone goes through a divorce, the stress that results can often leave the person in extreme distress.

Such pain and agony not only affects your well being but also your athletic performance, especially if you’re a sportsman. Here are 5 ways of how divorce can affect your health and how to protect yourself from them by partnering with a Tulsa divorce attorney for men.


One of the first things you’ll experience during a divorce is depression. Divorce makes people think that they are a failure and that they let down their spouse and family. Depression leads to many other larger health issues. The best remedy for depression is to seek counseling.

Weight Change

Significant changes in weight is not an uncommon thing post-divorce. Depression from a divorce can lead to many health changes that include rapid weight loss/gain.


Quality sleep is very important for athletic performance. When going through an internal conflict or fighting a divorce case, you can easily lose the ability to sleep well.

Loss of appetite

As an athlete, you have very special nutritional needs. Divorce and depression can lead to a loss of appetite. When you can’t eat properly, your health and athletic performance significantly drop.


Anxiety has a huge strain on our body. Having to live and share your life with a spouse is a big part of our life and when we have to move on, anxiety is the first thing in our system that shoots sky high.

How a Family Law Attorney in Galveston, TX Can Help You?

Most of the depression and stress from a divorce is due to post-divorce concerns like child custody, property division, financial problems, spousal support, and child support. When you and your spouse are unable to agree on the terms of a divorce, an extreme conflict can result.

Without legal help, this conflict can be very traumatic. Having to fight with your spouse not only disturbs you but is also a terrifying experience for your children. All of these can contribute to stress, anxiety, and many more health issues.

A Family law attorney in Galveston, TX can help you take this conflict to the court where everything can be settled without intense episodes of anger and arguments. Hiring a divorce attorney is probably very good for your health too. Since most of the work will be dealt with by the attorney, you can concentrate on your health and sports.