I outlined in my previous article the reasons why Kevin Durant should sign with the Celtics. After his unfortunate Achilles tear last night, that seems like a lost thought. Durant’s expected recovery time is 10-18 months. However, there are plenty of ways that Durant going down drastically effects the entire NBA, and helps the C’s.

Rozier Celtics
No Durant most likely means no New York for Kyrie

Kyrie Irving’s Free Agency decision

Kyrie Irving has been linked to KD since the All-Star break. Rumors about the two joining forces have run rampant all season. Now with Kevin Durant out for the next year, Kyrie’s decision is altered. He now must either decide between the Brooklyn Nets or a return to Boston. He may want to wait the year out for a healthy Durant

Durant’s fall from the #1 spot could lure Leonard out to view his options

Dramatic shift in the FA Market

Kevin Durant was all set up to be the top free agent of 2019, and every other player would fall under him. With the top market option no longer number 1, that leaves a lot of money on the table. This potentially could lure Kawhi Leonard to decline his player option, and give the C’s a chance at grabbing a generational talent. Leonard would be insane to not give himself the options he’d have as the top free agent. It also makes role players like Marcus Morris less valuable, since an injured Durant is more valuable than a healthy Morris.

Celtics may land a discount on Durant

Kevin Durant to the Celtics has always been a possibility, but never a reality. He’s been expensive, and had an infinite line of suitors from which to choose. His injury history may scare many suitors off who don’t want to take on the risk. On top of that, the injuries may have potentially caused his price to drive down. This makes him affordable and makes Boston much more attractive. With the way the Celtics treated Gordon Hayward, Durant would be foolish to not give the C’s a hard look after injury.