The 1960s was a crucial decade in the developing of video games. The industry’s early days were far from straightforward: many believed making games was a waste of time. How wrong they were!

During the 1970s, arcade machines were born, which would become part of successful and busy arcades. Old-timers will remember machines like Galaxy and Computer Space.

New technologies

The advances made with new technologies allowed the industry to grow faster and faster. With the advent of microprocessors, it became possible to manufacture consoles.

The first was the Magnavox Odyssey, but its distribution was minimal. Shortly afterwards, Atari launched its first console, which allowed the classic Pong to be played. At the same time, video releases were gaining ground on PC in the form of casual and graphical adventures.

A key event was the appearing of motion-controlled consoles.

Let’s jump back in time to 2006. We come across one of the most innovative and successful consoles in history: the well-known Wii. 

This console stood out for its wireless controller and motion sensor, allowing users to play in a completely different way to what they were used to. That demonstrated that immersive experiences could be created, which is evident today with virtual reality.

How mobile phones and gambling apps have changed

One device of particular importance in the gambling sector is the smartphone. Thanks to tech, gambling fun fits in your pocket. You no more need a console or a computer to have a good time; all you need is a mobile phone. 

In addition, you can access thousands of games from your device, including virtual casinos. At a casino like, you can enjoy a wide variety of casino titles in total comfort and security.

Iconic video titles of popular culture

There are quite a few video games that have become pop culture icons. Who hasn’t played Pac-Man? This release, by Namco, has been reflected in works of art and films. Other popular titles include Tetris, Street Fighter, Super Mario, The Sims and Tomb Rider. By the way, we can see their replicas in pokies.

The gaming industry and its profitability

It is undoubtedly a booming industry. In a society increasingly idle and stressed by the fast pace of life, having video games and online casino games as an option for enjoyment and relaxation is gaining more and more followers.


The gaming industry has proven robust, and the data points to a promising future ahead. With ever more powerful devices and constantly improving releases, it is no wonder that more and more users are incorporating gaming into their lives. And with the advent of virtual reality and the growing interest in crypto-gaming, the industry is undergoing a revolution.