Bingo is becoming hip and popular day by day in the streets of London. What was initially thought of as an ancient “boring” game is now cool, and its subscribers are cutting across all age groups. How many people knew that Bingo existed a few years ago?  Well, Bingo is no longer played in dusty halls with all sorts of messes around. Moreover, most spots are now offering both paper and electronic versions of the game to increase the number of players who can access it at a time. The best thing about it all is that it is a game of value and you don’t have to wager thousands of dollars to win big! In fact, you can even play slots no wagering if you are a beginner to build that bankroll! 

Anecdotal accounts of ardent bingo players indicate that they love the bingo evolution, and it has never been made easier for them like now. There are simpler rules for basic games, which are easy to win. There are also complex games, played mainly by veterans, but that doesn’t mean a newbie shouldn’t try his/her luck there. 

So, how is London becoming the hotspot of Bingo games? Well, check out on the following reasons:


  • Sprouting of online Bingo


Bingo online has defied all the odds and criticism it received two decades ago, citing that it will erode the original bingo game’s real values. Well, from the look of things, it has even done the gaming industry more favor than harm. Online bingo sites have invented various game levels and simple rules that are understandable to the younger demographics hence a wider player base. These sites also have various chat servers and chat rooms that enhance socialization, just like in the older days. Some sites have celebrities who join the sessions through Whatsapp video calls and Facetime to make the conversations fun, lively, and more engaging. 

Remember, making new friends is also part of the pre-millennial bingo experience, and online bingos now do it better by opening playing opportunities to a massive global audience. Most London players love the fact that online bingos are reliable and convenient with instant deposit/payment options that can be accessed from literally any corner of the world.


  • Gala bingo clubs


Gala is all about going wild and being happy! Gala events in London attract more than 50 million revelers annually, not only from the UK but also across the world. In fact, it is a common thing to find more tourists in these events than the locals. The most common Gala bingo clubs that are always packed include Gala Bingo Tooting located on Mitcham Road, Gala Bingo Surrey Quays, located on Teredo Street, Gala Bingo Barkingside located on Fairlop Road, and Bingo Stratford located on High Street. Gala Bingo Surrey Quays also has branches in Tottenham and Barking roads. 

These gala clubs offer a new experience that the 60s bingo halls couldn’t offer. For instance, regular players and revelers can treat themselves to nice music, playing slots, VIP and regular dinner tickets, cashing machines, bar experience, and live entertainment from pop artists.  Moreover, these gala clubs are organized to give players the best gaming experience with amateurs having a separate room to ease them into the action of Bingo and entertainment. Customers are treated to promotions, prizes, and give away tickets that can be cashed out for drinks or food. Most of these gala clubs also have online Bingo and casino platforms that operate 24/7 to cater to customers who cannot make it to the venues. 


  • Bingo spots with in-house restaurants


If you don’t want the bar and loud music experience while playing Bingo, you can resort to bingo spots with in-house restaurants for street food and other delicacies. Alongside the playing tables, players have a menu where they can order food prior, after, or during the game, provided you can multi-task. There are promotional programs that encourage players to eat from such eateries, such as free bingo tickets on food purchased. Players can also eat and wait to pay with their winnings if their lucky day counts!


  • Musical Bingo


Another experience that can be attributed to London being a hotbed for Bingo is the musical Bingo, which seems to attract even the older people (though it is dominated by, the younger demographics). The musical bingo bands play at different locations and clubs, and you’ll need to book an earlier ticket to have the exclusive experience. 


  • Millennial bingos


Lastly, you might also want to consider the millennial makeover that Bingo gets to attract new and young players. Other than the popular in-house restaurants, there are emerging bingo spots where vegan street food is part of the game. Briefly, players don’t just show up to play but to eat too.  Dabbers Social Bingo is among such spots where organizers also embrace body positivity by using “fat ladies” to call out on younger players who think Bingo has limitations. The best thing about this place is that it offers twelve different versions of bingo games every week, including an option that is friendly for children. That is why you’ll see more people turning up with their families to mark popular events like birthdays because they know the children will have fun too. Children’s sessions are easy and will mostly comprise animals instead of numbers.

Millennial bingo spots offer winnings in ways that are more attractive and persuasive to players than ever. For instance, players can now win foreign trips with their spouses. The vegan street food that is served mainly comprises melon balls wrapped in ham and waffles. 

There you have the reasons why London is becoming a hotbed for bingo games, and it doesn’t show any signs of going back. Clubs in the region indicate that they have about 45 million bingo visits per year, suggesting that Bingo is currently the most popular past time game. If you’re not in London, you should plan your leisure trip soon because you can’t just miss all the fun. Moreover, don’t forget that you can also access most games from the comfort of your living room on various online platforms.