The World Cup is the most interesting football tournament, apart from the Champions League. It is most expected for football players. 

Once every 4 years, sportsmen from all countries come together to find out who is the strongest. This is the biggest celebration of the football community.

Remarkable in this championship is everything, both the country and the time of the event. For the first time we will see this event in late autumn, not summer. This is the first competition of such status, that will take place in the Middle East. In addition, this is the final tournament for all 32 teams.

What to expect from the tournament?

If we talk about the host country, there are also many surprises. And if all you knew about Qatar was information about the sponsorship of Real Madrid. You are in for a lot of unique facts. After all, no other competition hasn’t collected so many exceptional circumstance and scandals.

Foremost, FIFA finally approved a new schedule of the tournament. Finally, all the mistakes that were made during the competition in South Africa are taken into account. After all, summer in Qatar is hot, terribly hot for Europeans.

For the first time, a country with an absolute monarchy and a predominantly Muslim population will host the World Cup. It’s give us a unique national flavor and an interesting pastime, in addition to the game itself. The final part of the tournament will last only 28 days, which allows you to get maximum impressions in a short time.

It is also worth noting that, for the sake of this event, partially legalized the sale of alcohol in Qatar.

How to buy tickets?

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