Most individuals, who is playing basketball puts on branded shoes. I guess, this is how they choose a pair to wear when they have a game. Some of them will buy the ones that their favorite basketball celebrities is endorsing. Indeed, it is quite expensive, but they do not mind spending because of the star’s popularity. For them, it is a pleasure to wear such brand and model, especially when it is a limited edition. 

While other basketball players think about the gaming experience and performance. We all know that with this kind of sports, you are required to run, walk and jump a lot. Some of the moves may be fast and the others are moderate. The movements will depend on what type of player you are and your position in the game. 

I supposed, you are aware that any form of injuries must not happen to keep you in the game. Though we cannot also avoid incidents, where you may experience ankle sprains as well as knee or leg injuries. Therefore, to keep the ball rolling, you have to choose the best basketball shoes for ankle support. You may be the best player in your team, but you can never tell what will be happening during the game.

You should know that when you got injured, you will lose the chance of finishing the game. You may end up in the clinic or hospital, depending on how serious the injury is. The sad thing here is that, there are injuries that requires you to rest for months before coming back to your favorite sport. This only shows that you have to be serious in choosing the right pair of shoe that can support your ankle.


Since you move a lot, transition is important. If you are a type of individual, who likes putting on shoes with loose fitting, then this is not the right pair to use when playing basketball. You should know that when the fitting is loose, then your ankles have less support. Therefore, this will be a problem that can affect your performance and gaming experience. if possible, the fitting must be able to provide you a comfortable feeling as you are walking, running and jumping throughout the game.And when you jump, the risk of ankle injury is there.

Full High Top

I know that you like putting on low-cut or a three-quarter cut shoe because you find it easy to put on and off, right? However, with this one, you cannot get sufficient support that you need for your ankle. So, I suggest you to choose the ones with a full high top. This is also an ideal option, when you are a post player, where you are always along the basket area. Actually, it’s not just about the position, but if you are going to study the different moves and situations in a basketball game, then you can say that it is, indeed, a good choice to go for a full high top.


When it comes to securing the fit of the shoe on your foot, consider the structure of the laces. Since you are aiming to support the ankles, you will then have to choose the ones with eyelets. Through this, you will be able to tie down the lace across the foot’s bridge. 


Always keep in mind that you are buying a pair of shoe for its optimal function and feature. And that this will help you improve and enhance your performance. Be reminded that the design or appearance is not supposed to be your greatest consideration. Again, if you prefer design rather than function, then it means that this is not for sports. But for collection and other purposes only. 


Why are you buying a pair of shoe for ankle support, anyway? Take a look at the wing players as well as the guards. Do you know that they are prone to the risk, where they may roll their ankle, since you often drive too hard with the aim of reaching the basket to get a score? Sometimes, you suddenly change your action and direction because you have to defend. This may also cause your ankles to an unnatural posture.


Be very sure to choose a comfortable pair of shoes because you always move and run around. Do you know that a padding is necessary because when you land on your foot will prevent you from hurting your ankle? Make sure that the cushioning is also found on the heels and the forefoot as well. This will be very helpful because it will prevent you from hurting your ligaments and experiencing fractures. Now, if you do not like a padding, then you should know that there would be an impact on the arches and heels, too.