Fantasy sports leagues can be a great way to enjoy the season and learn more about the top players across the league. They are also a hotbed for competition between friends who are all looking to capture the top spot by season’s end. When it comes to fantasy baseball, once the draft starts, the game is on. Only the player who is able to compile the best team and properly play the numbers will emerge victoriously and acquire all the bragging rights that come along with the top title.

If you are about to take part in your own fantasy baseball league and would like to give yourself the best chances for success, here are a few tips that can help you get things off to a solid start so that you can dominate your fantasy baseball league this year.

Practice All Year Round

As with anything involving sports, one of the best tactics you can take is to practice as much as possible. While the baseball season only takes place for a portion of the year, there are still ways in which you can brush up on your fantasy skills and prepare for the upcoming season all year long. You can put together a sim fantasy team at at any time. 

The benefit to practicing in this way is that you can learn the strategy behind picking certain players and how to approach the draft. Moreover, such simulation games are a lot of fun and can help you enjoy baseball even when it isn’t in season.

Know Your Stats

The biggest factor that is going to come into play throughout your fantasy season is going to be the stats involved with the various players across the league. The nature of baseball statistics is an integral part of the game at large and has been the fuel for much hot debate for decades. Even in the earliest days of the game, the statistics of a player’s performance would contribute to the decision to sign him to a team.

It has long been thought that if a team could play the numbers just right then they would hold the key to success in the game of baseball. While there are always contributing factors outside of statistics, like injury, weather, and morale, the right numbers tend to be fairly reliable. This is the philosophy that you should carry with you into your fantasy league where the game is more about numbers than anything else.

A few key stats to keep your eye on as you scout for players include batting averages (AVG), stolen base percentages (SB), on-base plus slugging (OPS), and earned run average (ERA). Different statistics will apply to the various positions of the game, so make sure that you know which numbers should be taken into account when filling out your key positions. Since your draft will go quick and you can be sure that other players in your league will have their eye on the tops guys as well, have a long list of players that you would be happy with ready to go.