Game events have always been considered as a call for some serious fashion inspiration moments. With an equal number of articles being published on Serena Williams’s performance and Kate Middleton’s polka dot dress. Wimbledon has always been considered in the Ivy League for sports events, and maybe even for style icons. Understandably, there is no dress code for sports. However, there are a number of unspoken rules that go on behind the sidelines.

White might be a necessity on the grass, but it’s no limits in the spectator’s chairs. You can go as bold as you want, or as neutral as you’d like. What matters most is whether you pull it off with style, or you’re left being the odd one out. Sports of all kinds have a somewhat different set of dress regulations. The term regulation is used pretty vaguely here. No one is going to ask you to leave if you’re wearing all white. However, there are some things that are, well, synonymous.

From sundresses to tennis skirts. Here’s your complete style guide to dressing up for a tennis match!

Sunhats, Sunglasses, and Sundresses

Okay, let’s just take a minute to praise whoever came up with the idea of a sundress. I mean, they’re the sort of dresses that are both timeless, chic and classy – all at once. A sundress can turn heads and look effortless. It’s a perfect paradox. When dressing for a tennis match, you’d have to take a number of factors into consideration. Of them, the primary one is the weather. Most matches are played out in the sun at day. Hence, your sundress is not only chic but it’s also fitting.

Sundresses, sunhats, and sunglasses – the tennis match trifecta! If you were to go on and search up celebrity inspired outfits for a tennis match. You’ll undoubtedly come across a number of pictures with women flaunting dresses looking like they’re the stars here. You don’t have to stay monotone in what you wear. I mean, you can. However, it depends on how well you carry the entire look.

You’d be surprised by how classy one can look with such little effort.

Bring Your Clutches

Sporting events have no dress code. However, they have unspoken rules. A baseball match is much more casual than a tennis match. Why? Well, every sport brings about a different kind of atmosphere. That atmosphere is what inspires a particular fashion to become synonymous with the sport. Confusing? Yes. However, you’re not here to go into why this is the norm. You’re here to dress your part.

Clutches are probably the classiest of all handbags and purses. A simple clutch can accentuate your dress, and your denim jacket alike. It’s something that will work well with everything. Not to mention the fact that you wouldn’t really be carrying a lot to watch a tennis match. Maybe carry around your phone, keys and a water bottle.

Tennis Skirts for the Spectators

Wearing a tennis skirt isn’t grounds for playing tennis. Just like wearing a football jersey isn’t calls for going on the field. A tennis skirt can be worn almost anywhere where the dress code is fancy, yet casual. Something that brings out the lady and the quirky in you. In fact, given the weather and the conditions leading up to the match. A tennis skirt is a necessity worn by many spectators.

Wear it white, wear it pastel or wear it bright. There’s no way you can look odd wearing what literally has the word tennis in its name. This is a classic testament to the match that makes you look among the best dressed. Pairing your tennis skirt isn’t as big of a hassle as one might thing. Most tennis skirts are paired gorgeously with buttoned-down shirts or with tucked in loose tops.

Here’s a look for you. Let down your hair, wear an off-white skirt and pair it with a loose button-down denim shirt. Take a second to envision it. Through your favorite sunglasses. Viola! You’ve got yourself turning heads.

Shoes Can Make or Break Your Look

Okay, so accessories, in general, are added to accentuate the look. What’s weird is the fact that they hold the capacity to break your look just as easily. There is a very fine line between dressing right and looking odd. Never cross that line. If you’re going to a tennis match, your look probably screams classy. If, however, you pair it up with too much or too little you’ll cross that very fine line.

I know we all have that one pair of shoes that we sincerely believe go well with everything. I’m here to tell you that they don’t. What’s different between then and now is that you didn’t care about looking the best dressed then. The minute you got your tickets to the match was also the exact moment you opened up your closet. Pairing tops and bottoms together are just as important as pairing shoes with it.

Go with sneakers, low rise heels or plain sandals. You don’t want to look overdressed, nor like you don’t even care either.


So, if you’re opting for a neutral look then try going for something either completely white with a hint of color or pastels. Pastels are staples in most English weather matches. White, on the other hand, is never known to go wrong. Contrary to what one might think, sunglasses can make or break your entire look. You could go for something cat-eyed, or something broad.

There you have it, some major fashion choices for a tennis match. Here’s something to think about and then look your absolute best cheering on your favorite players.