Being on the pitch, at the frontline, and watching your favorite team play is priceless. If you’re one of those diehard sports fans, getting season tickets of your favorite sports team is probably at the top of your bucket list.

It costs money to acquire season tickets, sometimes so expensive that your zeal to be part of your team’s action might turn out to be just a dream. So what do you do if you’re on a budget and don’t want to spill all your hard earned cash on season tickets but still want to be where all the action is?

This posts gives you actional tips on how to get your favorite sports team season tickets when you’re on a budget.

Get a short-term loan

What do you have left when you’re not able to acquire your favorite sports team season tickets? Regret. In order to avoid this sort of regret, your first step should be to get a short-term loan.

There are many short-term loan options out there and you can always choose the one that suits you best depending on the situation. You could go for a payday loan so you can use your next paycheck as collateral, use a loan advance from your credit card company or get a loan using your tax refund.

Effectively, you can apply for a title loan if you have a car. This allows you to use your car’s title documents as collateral for a short-term loan. Since it does not require any cumbersome paperwork, you could have your loan approved within 24 hours.

Getting a short-term loan is one of the fastest and safest means to acquire your favorite sports team season tickets when you’re on a budget. This allows you to watch your favorite players in action without breaking the bank.

Stick to your budget and a payment plan

Season tickets come in different options – generally, the cost is based on the location of the seat. If you’re on a budget, there’s no need looking for front seats, which are normally expensive. Go for far-away seats that are cheaper and stand the chance to save big.

To make it cheaper or pay for the cost of your season tickets without realizing it, you should use the installment payment options provided by many sports teams and vendors of tickets. These vendors spread the cost over a period of time, giving you the chance to pay in installments. This is a great way to get to watch your favorite game when you’re on a budget.

Join your favorite team’s fan club

Almost all teams have fan clubs, so does your favorite team. Joining a fan club of your favorite team will give you the chance to be among the first people to know when season tickets are available. Additionally, the club members are sometimes given free season tickets, and you could be one of these lucky members.

Getting free or  discounted season tickets is not magic though. The criteria to deciding which member should be given a free ticket or a discount is based on how often you attend season games and how active you’re in the club.

If you happen to be a diehard fan, joining a fan club could be a great way to get season tickets even when you don’t have money.

Buy season tickets from a reseller through a third-party platform

Do you know that some people sell the season tickets they bought at the last hour? It could be that they are no more interested in the game, have something boiling on their side, or are not as diehard fans as you’re. If you’re on a budget, these are the tickets you should be searching for.

These ticket holders sell their season tickets on eBay, CraigsLists, and many other platforms cheaper than their original prices. Searching on these platforms may get you affordable or almost free season tickets of your favorite team. One caveat is to ensure that you’re dealing with sellers that have money-back guarantee in case the tickets are fake at the last hour.

Buy your season tickets on the game day

If you can wait till the day of the game, then you could get season tickets of your favorite team at affordable prices. For instance, it is said that the tickets of the big league baseball teams that are bought on the day of the game are about 33 percent less expensive than those bought two weeks before the game.

If you’re on a budget and can stay calm for the game day, this could be a goldmine to not breaking the bank for season tickets. However, you should always make sure that you check in from time to time so that the tickets are not sold out without your knowledge.