Are you a sports fanatic? Is football your game of choice and you just can’t seem to stop talking about it, watching it, and even playing it? If that’s the case, you can count yourself among the millions of other people who share that exact same passion. So, what happens if your love of football isn’t exactly blooming in your significant other? Does this mean you have to pursue this hobby and passion all on your own and not include them?

Perhaps the solution lies in your approach, as there are a number of ways that you can get your other half interested in football so the two of you can start enjoying the sport together. Let’s take a closer look.

Educate Your Partner on the Basics

Sometimes it’s not about not liking the game of football, rather it is about not understanding the game that is the real issue. Perhaps your significant other just doesn’t really understand the rules and purpose of the game. If that’s the case it’s hard to show an interest in the sport.

This is when a beginner’s crash course to football can be extremely helpful. You don’t have to go into every intricate rule of play, rather just cover the basics so that your partner can watch a game and understand for the most part what is going on.

You can even educate them on the origins of the sport, which began in England in 1863.

Encourage Your Partner to Pick a Favourite Team

Another tip is to encourage your significant other to pick a favourite team. If they don’t know much about the sport or the various teams, they may just pick the team you root for. Once they have a favourite team, why not set them up with a little fan gear? Fan gear always makes the sport more fun, and helps a person to feel more involved and engaged. Items like football shirts, scarves, hats, and t-shirts are always a great place to start.

It can also be fun to track how the team is doing, especially if your partner is a numbers and stats kind of person.

Invest a Little Money in the Game

Of course, you can always amp up the level of excitement during the game by taking part in sports betting. Online sports betting sites such as offer the best sports bets online and a user-friendly customer experience. Even if you and your partner don’t have much experience with sports betting, the site is set up in such a way that it’s simple and easy to navigate, allowing you to play your bets with ease.

Keep the Sports Viewing Time to a Limit

Finally, you want to be sure that you keep the amount of sports viewing time to a limit. While your significant other may not mind watching a game with you, and even enjoy it, the full football Sunday is a bit much unless you are a diehard fan.

Let the Interest Grow Over Time

It’s important to keep in mind that even when using these tips, your significant other’s interest in football is something that may take time, and can even grow over time. Try not to get impatient or push your interest on them, as it’s best to let them come around in their own time.