Basketball is quite easily one of the most entertaining games on the planet, especially the NBA which is one of the most watched leagues in Northern America and due to its popularity has created a betting market that has the potential to be very lucrative if used correctly and to maximum intelligence.

NBA basketball really does offer great returns potential to those who are able to navigate this unique betting landscape. One of the main aspects to ensuring that you are staying in the profit is that ensuring that you understand how lines are made and what they mean. Knowing this will allow you to work out when best to bet, where the lines are off but also, and potentially most importantly, when to stay away from the lines.

One tip would be to ensure that you know what you are betting on and to do your research. Betting blindly and not looking into trends and patterns on how the league is developing is certainly a way to guarantee that you lose your money. If you are new to the league and have limited knowledge on players and teams, then we would recommend sticking to the mainstream teams e.g. Los Angeles Lakers as they are one of the favourites to win almost all their games, and with betting on them it allows you to educate yourself about the rest of the league whilst still getting your gambling fix.

Whilst we await the next fixture of the second round of the play offs where the Lakers take on the Rockets and the Bucks take on the Heat, many basketball punters are trying to find alternative ways to entertain themselves in-house. Many bookies have seen the trend of sports punters migrating from betting markets to online casinos in which doesn’t require live sport to be on to play but is accessible 24/7. Because of this ease of access, when looking at the best casinos, they are seriously capitalised on this new trend by offering customers some of the best roulette and card tables on the market, as well as a wide variety of slot machines, all tied in with fast withdrawals, huge deposit matches and welcome bonuses for all new customers, they certainly have jumped on the band wagon.