In general, the leg plays a vital role in almost every sport in the world. Football players obviously use their leg to run, shoot and pass defenders, basketball stars exploit jumping power to shoot quicker and boxers’ footwork is used to deflect and avoid a power strike, etc..

Not to say how the importance of footwork is, however training it is a long story to tell. The leg exercises burn a lot of energy and it is extremely painful for beginners.

Without a proper tutorial, a newbie might get a severe injury and he is never gonna get back to his favorite sport.

The First Lesson

Learning the right posture while training your leg is so much important that often to be ignored by beginners.

Please do not go straight doing 20 squats without getting used to the exercise. As I said, it can bring more harm than you think.

Practicing the lesson slowly and feeling the effect on every muscle group is good advice. Do it properly if you don’t want to be hurt.

In addition, you should remember to warm up and stretch your muscles with several light exercises. This helps to activate the body that is ready for the intensity of the training.

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Many Lessons Will Follow After

The squat is a basic lesson. Nothing fancy and nothing complex in here. From week 1 to week 4, day 1-3-5 is to do squat.

The exercise contains 4 round and each round, you should do max repetition. After 1 or 2 months that you get used to it, you can change to jump squat or carry weight to perform this workout instead.

This exercise has a different variation that makes you less boring. Those are crab walk, Bulgarian split squat and pistol squat.

Calf Raise is also a foundation of leg training. Basketball players have to do this many times in order to raise the effectiveness of their jump for shooting.

The training is quite painful for the first few weeks. After that, we can change to 1 leg calf raise and even carry more weight to increase muscle density.

There is plenty of leg lesson available on the internet. You can do the research yourself, but remember that you have to learn it properly, don’t be rush.

Wearing Weight on our leg can bring huge benefit. There are many football player training this way while they are running and dribbling. This can enhance the flexibility of the footwork as well as the leg’s strength.

After mastering the squat, calf raise or whatever, you can increase the repetition and velocity of those workouts.

Work With Hole and Heavy Object

The two obstacles of making our leg more flexible are the resistance of the air and the resistance of our weight.

Fortunately, there are a few solutions to this issue. We can make our body lighter by doing insanity and make our muscle stronger by workout mentioned above.

But those are not enough because there are always more challenges to overcome, more opponents to fight and more threats to run. Here is an interesting method:

Standing in a hole and try to jump out of it or simply jump to higher object. We can enhance the height of the hole and the object over time until they reach our height.

After that, we can carry a heavy object to jump. Then add up more weight to the object that makes you progress.

This is an ancient martial art method, which still being used for many sports by now. This even helps you to escape quickly from a dangerous situation or vanish before a theft can aware.

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After these steps, your body will become strong and agile, and your muscle group will gain more endurance and stamina.

You can feel lighter while jumping and faster while running. Furthermore, you will be able to get the advantage of a battle and then quickly counterattack to an unexpected spot.

And a piece of useful advice that you should keep in mind is this method is also dangerous. Take your time to train gradually and don’t carry what your body cannot take. Also, learn more things on internet about the training. For this you need a good internet connection which you can get from Local Cable Deals.

Overall, This is just a training method that supports your life to be better. Therefore, protect yourself is the very first lesson you should learn and the progression will come after.