Are you a sports lover? Or want to have some fun time with your friends or family members? Try some new games like baseball. It is not very difficult to play a baseball game with your friends. You only need a few things to start the game. A large field is compulsory, the baseball bats, the gloves, and the catchers bags 

Once you have all these things and know how to play the game, it will be fun and learning, especially for those who want to explore the world of sports. The baseball game is an American version of cricket, but it is slightly different. 

The teams in the baseball. 

To play a baseball game, we need two teams. Each team comprising of nine members. One of those teams will be the batter team, and the other one will be the fielding team. Now the fielding team will decide the pitcher and the catcher. The catcher will be the person who will stand in the center of the field. And the pitcher will be the one throwing balls towards the batter. The catcher and pitcher both wear gloves. The catcher also wears a face cover to avoid any injury.    

Selection of infielders. 

The infielders will be three people who will stand at the three bases of the inner field. These are from the fielding team. They can be any random person sometimes if you are not enough people, so you can skip a few infielders. 

Selection of the outfielders. 

These are the fielders who are not going to stand in the infield diamond. These are also three fielders; they are supposed to capture the ball going outside the field. These are named as the right fielder, center fielder, and the left fielder. 

Set the bases. 

There are four bases in a baseball game. These are the safe areas for the batting team. The home base is one of them from where the runner starts to take a run, and upon clearing all the bases and completing the circuit, he will get a score for the team. 

Pitcher’s spot/mound. 

This is the center of the diamond field. Here the pitcher will stand and throw the ball to the home base. It is 60ft away from the Homeplate. 

Start the game. 

Now ask the players to get to their assigned positions. The batting team will have to select the batters, and then the pitcher will throw the ball. The batter will have to keep a close eye on it and strike it as hard as possible while avoiding the foul lines. 

Tag the runners. 

To stop the batting team from making runs, the fielding team needs to catch the ball before the runner arrives at the base. The fielder who has the ball can tag the runner. This way, the runner will get an out from the game. 

Complete the nine innings. 

One baseball game is quite long. It consists of nine innings. You cannot finalize the score after two innings.