Don’t miss out on some of the best NBA action of 2019 due to geo-restrictions. Read on to find out how to watch NBA while traveling abroad.

The NBA might have started in the US, but it’s quickly developed into a worldwide phenomenon with spectators in multiple countries tuning in. The sport has kept up its popularity among US viewers too, with millions of fans watching the games every year. Yet despite all that, it’s still unnecessarily hard to get access to the games depending on a person’s location.

NBA games aren’t available in every country. Only the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand currently have official platforms to stream the games. Access to local games is similarly restricted in the US, with black-outs varying per region.

All of that can make it extremely frustrating for anyone traveling abroad to keep up with the games. Whether they’re a US expat, traveling for work, or going on a vacation. No US subscription will allow them to watch the games while on a different continent like Europe.

Using a VPN for streaming is the easiest way to get access to every NBA game from anywhere in the world. Here’s how it works.

These Online Platforms Stream NBA Games

The US naturally provides the best coverage of NBA games with the most streaming options. Those living in the US can stream content from four cable channels or choose between multiple online platforms. But the moment they leave US soil, their subscriptions are as good as useless thanks to geo-blocking.

That said, not every American has the same access to all of the games, either. This isn’t dependant on the service, however, but their region.

Here are the US channels that stream NBA games online:

Via cable subscription:

– Watch ESPN


– ABC Live Stream

– TNT Overtime

Online alternatives:

– DirecTV Now

– Sling TV

– PlayStation Vue

– FuboTV

Alternatively, those living or traveling in the UK can opt for the official platforms that stream NBA games there. This includes Sky Sports, Now TV, and BT Sport.

Here’s Why a VPN for Streaming Works

Getting locked out of content as a paying customer is exasperating. Unfortunately, broadcast networks and streaming services have to adhere to regional broadcasting rights and laws. So even a US paying customer will get locked out of content that’s restricted to the US if they travel to Europe. Then there’s also the fact that regional black-out games keep even US residents locked out of watching local games live.

Luckily, this is the internet, and there’s always a workaround for everything. VPN can help get around region-locked content, giving users access to content from anywhere – no matter where they are.

Here’s how it works:

VPN service providers have a host of servers scattered all over the world. The really good ones have multiple servers in popular countries, like the US, from where people want to stream a lot of content. Once a person connects to a VPN with their device, they can access the internet normally. But their IP address has now been replaced with the VPN server’s IP address. 

This is possible because a VPN routes all network traffic through its own servers first, encrypting the data along the way. Users usually get to choose which servers/locations they want to connect to. So it’s as simple as choosing a server somewhere in the US. Streaming services will then think your device is in that location. 

Many people subscribe to a VPN for streaming purposes, but the benefits of this technology go beyond that. Using a VPN means that all of the data sent and received over the network is encrypted and private. Therefore it is impossible for hackers, ISP’s, or government organizations to spy in. It also means no more worrying about privacy and data breaches because websites and advertisers can no longer track online sessions either.


No one has to miss out on all the drama and action of an NBA game. There’s sure to be extraordinary moves, and fantastic plays abound. So whether in the US, traveling abroad, or living as an expat, get a VPN and don’t miss a single shot.