Summer generally makes a person think of sun, beaches, cool drinks, and baseball. But football isn’t that far away, either. With the draft fresh in everyone’s mind, you should be thinking about your fantasy team for the upcoming season. If you’re really serious about winning, whether it be for pride or for money, it’s time to start researching the players and special teams that could lead you to victory. Here are a few tips to help you win your fantasy football league this season.

Go back to the draft

A draft can make or break a team, but if you’re new to fantasy football, it can be the best place to start your research. Seeing what players a team has recruited can be an indicator of the areas they need most help in. Say, for instance, the Chicago Bears are loading up on quarterbacks. That may show their current player is either about to be traded or retire, which means it’s probably best to stay away from choosing them. However, if a team picks a wide receiver who’s had an amazing year at school, and they have them as a backup to their regular player, that could just mean that they’re working to make the draftee even better by learning from someone who’s already great.

As a general rule, pay attention to the order teams are drafting in, as teams that have done worse than the prior season get to go first and get the best picks available. The further down they are, the better their previous record was, unless there are trades at play.

Visit training camps and/or take in some college games

For the hardcore fantasy player (or anyone looking for an excuse to have a great sports-themed friends getaway weekend), a trip to a training camp may be just the ticket for you. You can watch how the team members play, and in some cases, you might interact with them. You’ll be able to ascertain with your own eyes what condition they’re in, and if you want to add them to your team. College games can be great for those who are long-term planners, as you’ll see what the next few years of drafting classes will offer. If you can get to Michigan, a Lansing sporting event can not only help you to round out your fantasy team, but can give you and your fellow fantasy team owners a great memory to hang onto as the season progresses.

Lose yourself in online resources

Make a deep delve into the World Wide Web to find the best players and special teams to achieve your hard-earned victory. Find current players’ stats on their own teams website or on dedicated sites specifically for fantasy football. Join a group and discuss with those you won’t be playing against what your strategy should be. Use every tool available to you, like this lineup optimizer. Listen to a variety of podcasts available, like fantasy football today podcast to stay up-to-date all year round on who to snag immediately and who you can give yourself more time to think about.

The thing to keep in mind while preparing for your fantasy season and then drafting your team is that this experience should be fun. Use whatever resources you can, including tips from those that have been doing this for years, binge watching shows on every sports channel about a teams history, and hours of listening to stats on your favorite podcast, but don’t forget to enjoy the process itself. That way, at the end of the season, you’ll still have friends around to treat to a night out with your spectacular winnings.