Fantasies or desires are not meant to be kinky only but also try some healthy fantasies as well. Some fantasies include oral sex, sex with strangers, submissive sex, sexual massage, and many others which require agreement. You can fulfil your partner’s fantasies by talking and knowing them first.

The turn-on sensation in a body is free from gender discrimination. It can happen to either of them. Fantasies, in the simple definition, are something which you visualize in your mind to turn yourself on. You do not need to panic or get shy, it is common, and everyone has at least one in their heads.

If you wish to carry forward your fantasy, you need to know from where to start. Asking your partner would be the first and prime objective you must clear. In this article, you will know about some of the wild fantasies and how you can understand and fulfil your partner’s sexual desires.

Sensual or Romantic Encounters

This fantasy mostly comes up from the ladies. A girl always wishes her guy to get into a romantic mood, set the stage, and start with foreplay — a quick climax results in a flop movie. A girl visualizes everything on the day before it is done, you need to understand and co-operate accordingly to have a sexy night.

To fulfill your partner’s this fantasy; you must keep your prime focus on sensuality. Take things slow and do not jump directly on to sex. Give more time foreplay and turn your partner on with the sensational touch. Explore each other’s body that will delight you for sure. Go slow towards orgasm, and you will have all the pleasure you wish for, and so will your partner. You can also use a Prostate massager to give the sensational orgasm to your partner.

Make an approach to take your partner out of the bedroom and talk first. Know what they love, like their favorite kissing spot or anything. Try putting on some soothing music that would set the stage for conversation and everything that would happen after that. You can also ask them if they have any other fantasies which remain unfulfilled. Talk and explore things, but it must be mutual. You both must love the conversation and not get bored early. Talking would open up windows of opportunities to make your girl happy.

Submission or Domination Sex

Sex with domination brings up the wild side of your love fantasy. You can experience a whole new sexual feeling with submission or domination. Powerful sexy often is one of the ways to express wild love. Women demand rough sex to their partners to fulfill their long thought fantasies. The thought of living a fantasy should be mutual. You will be aware of pushing your capability beyond your limits.

You must take note of the sex being safe and sexy at the same time. The approach would be firstly building the trust by communicating with your partner. It doesn’t matter if you are married, or just a couple, the level of trust is what matters the most. Talk to your partner about the thing. Make it very clear to call for stopping it when it is over-limit.

You must give that right to your partner to request it to quit at any point in time. Start things real slow, increase the intensity with time. Make your partner comfortable first, and then apply force. The prime motive is to have all night wild fun with comfort. If you are not married and you want to make your partner comfortable beforehand, then try talking.

Talk to them, show them some research, and build their interest in your fantasy. It might be possible that they might have the same fantasy. Take your partner for a sex shopping; get your girl lingerie or a best vibrating penis ring for your guy to add more fun. Search for the things that turn you on. A wand vibrator would also do the job of tickling your girl.

Try Threesomes Techniques:-

It is one of the greatest desires of women. When you list fantasies, this might top the list. If your partner talks to you about having a threesome, try and understand it first. Your partner would have a fantasy to watch you having sex with someone else or want to have sex with more than one person at a time. It all depends upon the thought process, which turns him/her on.

You might have a feeling to go on a sex ride with more than one partner, believe me, it is common. You are going to have a great experience when it comes to satisfying your partner’s threesome fantasy. The approach would be, firstly you need to talk to the persons you wish to involve in threesome. If you are a couple, it is totally in your hands to set the boundaries.

The boundaries, as in the third party, will not kiss or no intercourse just foreplay. Talk and explain everything to the third party beforehand to give them time to think. Before approaching the third party, the couple must be aware of their comfort levels. Either one should not feel offended in the process. To avoid any conflict in relationship prior talking would be the first approach.

If you are not married and just friends in love and want to try out new things in life, go for it. Talk your boundaries with the third party and make everything clear from the beginning. You must give the right to your partner to quit any time during the play. Your partner can even call to stop the show in between. Books and adult movies could be the best guide for you. Get proper guidance to give your partner an excellent threesome experience.

Try Outdoor Sex with Partner

Before getting into this category of your partner’s fantasy, you must know that sex in public is prohibited. The reason behind this, according to officials, is that it might be disturbing to the viewers around you. The people around might feel awkward as they are not used to watch people having sex outdoors. If your guy or your girl wishes for sex in public, do mind it is your own risk.

It is entirely reasonable for men and women to have a fantasy. How is it wrong to dig yourself deeper and deeper to know what turns you on? Go through porn movies, adult writings, or books to give you some more ideas to build up fantasies. You can also use some sex toys to give her some fun that she deserves. You must talk to your partner to provide you with what you need, they will understand.

Keep yourself away from the crowd. Find washrooms, locker rooms, or silent library corners for it. From risk, you must know that if you are caught, you will be arrested for violating the rules. There is nothing wrong in this fantasy. The thing is that you must know the cons if you are caught. It brings in a hell lot of adrenaline rush, and the senses are beyond imagination.

Your partner would go crazy if you just take her out and make love. Another condition is that it must be mutual. You can take an approach to ask your partner out for a sex camping trip. Get along inside your tent, go wild, have sex, and forget the count. It is not considered precisely an outdoor sex, but it is quite the same feeling with no risk.

For your surprise, your partner might also have some ideas to get things to go awesome. There are some fantasies which can be brought to life, but some are not meant to be done. Some fantasies can bring some adverse effects on your life and relationship. It varies depending upon different personality. You have the right to decide, what is right or what is wrong for you.