October 19, 2017

The last game Adam McQuaid played in before going down with an injury.

What looked like a routine block shot turned out to be a broken leg. Thanks Canucks. Now anyone who knows me knows that I dislike the Canucks. Even being a Canadian I have a couple of teams north of the border that I will not cheer for.

I am originally from New Brunswick, so anytime a player from the east coast is in the NHL, especially in the Bruins line-up, he draws my attention. Brad Marchand is the best player to come out of Nova Scotia! Now Quaider (as he is known to teammates) is from PEI and plays for the Bruins. He is a defenseman, which is my favorite position, and one of my favorite players on the team. He plays with grit and stands up for teammates. And he is a pretty good defenseman. He has an average TOI of 14:42 this season, with 16:20 for his career.

Now if you ask me, that is enough to help take some of the work load off Chara, who turns 41 in March. He needs all the help that he can get. Father time is catching up with Chara. He is not quite the presence he once was, but I still would not want to meet him in the corner! If we make the playoffs, which I am saying we will, we are going to need a rested Chara. That is where the return of McQuaid will be a huge help. I am tired of seeing the Bruins limp into the playoffs.

Back in Action

McQuaid was a game-time decision on December 23 against the Red Wings. Guess the powers-that-be decided he needs the Christmas beak. The next game is on December 27 against the Senators. That is a division rival! I for one would love to see him in the lineup for that one. He is definitely the on-ice presence we need to help keep some of the top line guys safe. No more injuries please. Man, it’s been a tough start-injury-wise. Luckily some of the young studs have stepped up.

That leads to the next dilemma. Who do we send down to make room for McQuaid? That young baby face guy… What’s his name? Oh yeah… Charlie McAvoy. NOPE!!! Carlo or Miller? No and no.  Krug? Well if you ask the masses they might say dump him. I read a post on Twitter this morning that said he is an absolute joke of a defenseman. Too small. Blah blah blah. Personally I like the guy. Yeah he is a bit small to defend some of the bigger guys, but he is quick and can move the puck up the ice fast. And speed is the name of today’s game. And he has a laser from the point.

The obvious choice for me is Matt Grzelcyk. So far this year with the big team he has played in 16 games. 3 points and a plus 7. Not bad for a young d-man. But we need to make room. We need the physical play that Darth Quaider can bring. Ask anyone, one big hit can turn the momentum of a game. And that’s what he can do for team riddled with injuries.

That Guy from PEI

Now the stats of McQuaid are nothing to write home about, but I say leave the blue line scoring to Krug and that youngster McAvoy. But he will definitely be a welcome addition. I for one am excited to see the team injury-free and a team that nobody wants to play. I still think the team needs a tough guy up front. But for right now the lineup that we have is great. A healthy lineup. Oh yeah, there is still that Krejci guy. He was placed on IR and can sure use the break to get rested up. Who makes room for him? That’s for another day.

Adam McQuaid; he’s an easterner. He’s that guy from PEI. Tough as nails. Mean as a junkyard dog. Plays with intensity. Puts fear into forwards heading into his zone. Super nice guy. What does his return mean? Everything to a team that looks playoff bound!

Until next time…. Keep Your Head Up!