The Importance Of Devin McCourty


Devin McCourty had an MRI last week and a follow-up today according to an insider at Patriot Place.  McCourty is a leader on that team and really is the voice of the locker room.  He brings that leadership quality and it really shows. I’m not sure why he had the MRI.  I just know that he had one and it doesn’t seem serious.

Devin’s Leadership Is Needed

McCourty is also happy about having his brother on the team, telling Mike Reiss last Tuesday, “He brings leadership that I think we don’t have on this team; he knows how to deal with adversity,”Sometimes we get in a routine — we’ve won a lot of football games — and it’s always good to hear a different perspective of what it takes so you’re not kind of getting worn down or thinking this is too much. You get a perspective from him going 0-16. He always tells me, ‘Last year, worst year ever.’ I think hearing that motivates you and lets you know you’re doing the right things that push you.”

Jason McCourty will replace Malcolm Butler at cornerback. Jason is excited to be a Patriot, and to be on the same team as his brother. He also told Reiss last week, “There were times when you thought ‘maybe,’ but kind of towards the end it was just, ‘I don’t know if it’s going to happen. Mostly for our family, this has been really exciting and cool for them just to have the opportunity; our mom, older brother who’s kind of watched our careers our whole lives. So to see us come together at this level is just kind of a special thing.”

Devin McCourty getting checked out by the Patriots medical staff and attending the workouts is a great sign. He doesn’t let the outside noise get to him, and makes sure he does what’s in the best interest of not just for himself: he knows the Patriot Way centers on the team.