Physical Day for the Offensive Line

Half of the Patriots offensive line got their physicals today. The Patriots have to make sure they do a good job protecting soon-to-be 41 year old Tom Brady. The Patriots have Brian Hoyer and Danny Etling, but neither is Tom Brady. Patriots assistant coaches met with the media last week, and Dante Scarnecchia is looking for a replacement for Nate Solder. The Patriots will probably try Isaiah Wynn and Trent Brown for the left tackle position.

Newly Acquired Players Will Be Key to Protecting Tom Brady

Scarnecchia has a challenge trying to replace Nate Solder. Scarnecchia said on Friday, “It’s a big challenge, because you get in a real big comfort zone with him, and especially the way Nate played over the last half of the season,” Scarnecchia said. “He’s been given this opportunity and he’s taking advantage of it for he and his family, so now the next thing is we gotta replace him. So, we have guys that we’re hoping will be able to step in there”. Wynn was drafted 23rd overall in the NFL Draft. According to the Boston Herald as a senior Wynn was a second-team All American. He also started all 15 games at Georgia, including the National Championship.

Scarnecchia spoke highly of Wynn on Friday, saying, “He was a really good player in the best conference in America at his position, and he played left tackle and he’s played guard, so that’s what I like about him, He’s got great traits. We look for three traits: Smart, tough and athletic enough to play the position. He’s got all three, so we’ll see if that translates to this level.”

Trent Brown, was acquired from San Francisco for a third-round pick in the NFL Draft. Scarnecchia also had a lot to say about Brown: “He’s attentive, wants to know what we’re doing, kind of a quiet guy, but that’s all right,” He’s listening to what’s going on around him, can answer a lot of questions, so we just have to see how that works. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to see it until we get to training camp, with he and Isaiah.”