As promised, this is a follow up article to the one I wrote Friday. Earlier this week, Ty Anderson of 98.5 The Sports Hub went on Marina Molnar of Barstool Sports podcast titled, Marina’s Morning Skate. The two discussed the Boston Bruins off-season goals that still need to be resolved. This was a very insightful podcast done by two people who know and care about what Bruins fans want to hear. However, this podcast could lead to more 98.5 and Barstool content in the future.

This is certainly not the first time 98.5 and Barstool have done work together. When Dave Portnoy and three other Barstool Sports members were arrested at The NFL office, Portnoy called Felger & Mazz. Current Barstool Red Sox and baseball blogger Jared Carrabis used to regularly contribute to 98.5. During these past Bruins playoffs, Anderson was given a “Tuukka Rask Is Good” by his, “Friends at Barstool,” as he said. So it seems 98.5 The Sports Hub and Barstool Sports have a pretty good relationship. But can both sides benefit through more content collaboration?

On 98.5’s end, having a good relationship with Barstool makes all the sense in the world. Barstool’s number one city is, and probably always will be, Boston. Even now, with the company’s headquarters in New York City, Barstool does not hide their Boston roots. They have one podcast dedicated to each of the four major sports. Coincidentally, Spittin Chiclets, Mickstape, Starting 9, and Laces Out all have at least one Boston host. 

Also, it would be greatly beneficial for 98.5 to stay on good terms and work with Barstool. There is no doubt 98.5 and Barstool have crossover among fans. 98.5 would also be wise to work with them to stay connected to younger age groups. It is no secret high schoolers and college kids have always been in Barstool’s wheelhouse.

It is also smart business for Barstool to work with 98.5. Since Barstool has such a big viewership in New England, it makes a lot of sense for them to stay connected with the popular Boston sports station. Whether working together for content, or mocking a personality’s take, it is beneficial for Barstool if they pay attention. Also, CEO of Barstool Sports Erika Nardini has said she would consider bringing Barstool back to Boston. If that happens, then there would be a lot more opportunity for radio spots, interviews, podcasts, and videos between the two media outlets. 

I reached out to Ty Anderson after his podcast appearance. I asked if 98.5 or Barstool plans on collaborating with the other for content. Anderson said he does not know for sure, but he believes both could reach out to the other and work together if they desire. As far as working specifically with Molnar, Anderson said they have discussed doing something for content after Bruins games.

Anderson going on Molnar’s podcast could be just that, a podcast appearance. However, it is noteworthy 98.5 and Barstool appear to have pretty solid working relationship. Also with Anderson being pro Barstool, it would not be surprising to see more 98.5 and Barstool related content.

(If you want to learn about Ty Anderon’s journey to 98.5, I wrote a profile on him last spring.)

Photo Courtesy of 98.5’s Facebook page.

Story by Chad Jones

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