Jacob Hollister got injured at practice this week

After last week’s terrible defeat against the Jacksonville Jaguars, it was certain that the Patriots had to make adjustments. The Patriots travel to Detroit to take on the Lions in Week 3. The Patriots signed Josh Gordon at the beginning of the week to help with the weak receiving core.  Then, Rob Gronkowski who was shut down against the Jaguars was put on the injury report on Wednesday after practice with a minor Ankle injury. However, he would be off the injury report by Friday and will be ready to go on Sunday night. As for Jacob Hollister, I was told Thursday night that he was being transported to Mass General. Then it came out on Friday, he was out because of a chest injury which happened at a practice according to Mike Reiss of ESPN Boston.

Hollister will be out a few weeks

Hollister went to the Bringham and Women’s health center around 2:00 on Thursday afternoon. He was there for a few hours before they would then transport him to Mass General for further testing. The injury had to occur between obviously during the Wednesday practice or the Thursday practice. Hollister caught three passes for 35 yards in the week 2 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars. With Gronkowski being on the injury report at the time, there was a question if it would strictly be Brady and newly acquired Josh Gordon show on Sunday night. But a sigh of relief came when Gronkowski was off the injury report by Friday.

It’s not known if Hollister needed surgery at Mass General or not. The only thing that has come out is he has a chest injury which will sideline him for a few weeks. It would only be a greater loss if obviously Gronkowski was hurt bad and couldn’t play. Gronkowski has missed some time these last few seasons because he gets hurt a lot.