There are lots of cliches that could be used in this article, but “if you can’t beat them, then join them” could top the list.  It’s just a small part of the story which brought James Harrison to the Patriots.  The clown show that runs the Steelers thought that Harrison was done.  Pittsburgh thought his best days were long gone, but as we saw Sunday, wrong again Steelers.  Let me tell you why I feel that Harrison could become the savior of the beaten up Pats’ defense.

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Some Players Just Want To Win

The fact that James Harrison was cut by the Steelers seemed like a strange development to me.  Harrison terrified me when the Patriots played the Steelers.  The Steelers told the media that Harrison would not contribute much and they didn’t plan to play him.  Unless they live under a rock, they would see that Harrison is a workout monster.  His workouts include a game of volleyball using medicine balls.   Just picture that for a minute.  The Steelers also declared Harrison as too old and did not fit their schemes anymore. As you can see in the photo above, age does not matter if you are great.  Harrison evidently has a sense of humor as well. The picture above on his Instagram was followed with “finally a teammate older then me.”

Harrison wants to win and wants to play where he can contribute.  Watching Harrison on Sunday, he wants to win and hasn’t lost too many steps at all.  In limited playing time Sunday against the Jets, Harrison recorded five tackles, two sacks and a forced fumble.  Does that sound like a player that has lost anything or does not want to play anymore?  Imagine when Harrison  learns the defense and his teammates better.  Be afraid, be very afraid.


Harrison  — The Piece The Pats D Has Lacked

Every team in the NFL has injuries.  Not exactly a newsflash there.  The Patriots have certainly had their fair share, if not more then a few other teams.  Already missing some key defensive players like Hightower made the Pats’ D vulnerable. James Harrison will give us a solid and sustained pass rush which has been an issue for the Pats.  Other then Trey Flowers and blitzing occasionally, the Pats have not posed a threat to the opposition’s QB.  Sunday could mark the turning point for this dilemma the D has faced all season.  James Harrison, inserted after minimal practice,  looks like the scary monster of the past.  He looks like the defensive savior we have needed this season.

The opponents of the Patriots now have consider potential pass rushes from both sides.  Flowers on one side and Harrison on the other is not an easy puzzle for any team to solve.  I think James Harrison may have just saved the Patriots in the one true area of vulnerability.  Our pass rush issues did not seem like much of a problem on Sunday.  Granted, we played the the Jets, but I do not think it would have mattered a great deal who it would have been.


Could Harrison Be ‘The Guy’?

It is a lot to ask for one player, but in his own way he joins the roster in the nick of time.  Isn’t it the Patriot Way to take players with something to prove and give them a platform to do it?  Harrison joins the likes of Randy Moss, Rodney Harrison and others players that have found a new home in Foxboro.  It is hard to believe after watching Sunday that Harrison will do anything but get better.

I would like to formally thank the Pittsburgh Steelers for allowing us to have James Harrison.  Once the Steelers find their way to winter vacations before the Super Bowl, they will realize that this was a stupid move on their part.  James, we are so glad to have you and look forward to you looking Goodell in the eyes in February.  I am sure that Goodell will just love handing you the Lombardi trophy and we will love seeing you hoist it as our savior.