Well folks, as Coach Belichick would say “we are onto New Orleans”.  It will be refreshing for players and fans alike to get to the next game.  We all just hope that that first game was just a reminder to “do your job” and play.  Let me give you my keys to the Patriots beating the Saints tomorrow.


HOUSTON, TX – FEBRUARY 05: James White #28 of the New England Patriots with the ball against the Atlanta Falcons during Super Bowl 51 at NRG Stadium on February 5, 2017 in Houston, Texas. The Patriots defeat the Atlanta Falcons 34-28 in overtime. (Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images)


One key to beating the Saints this week is controlling the game on the ground.  This will accomplish many things if executed properly.  First, it will allow the offense to get into the game and draw the Saints’ defense closer to the line of scrimmage.  By drawing the defense closer to the line over time this will allow for play action passing.  Brady is a master at reading the defense.  The more of them at the line the better.

Running the ball also eats up the clock nicely.  This allows the Patriots’ defense limit time on the field which keeps them very fresh.  Running the ball accomplishes the most important goal of all, keeping Drew Brees and the Saints’ offense on the sidelines.  They cannot score when they are on the sidelines looking at their tablets.  The Patriots really failed at this in their first game.  I guarantee you that Coach Belichick chewed the ear off Coach McDaniels about this very subject.

Expect a big ground game from Gillislee after Coach Belichick’s comment that “he could be a little better”.  Yes Gillislee scored three touchdowns.  But that was about it for positives in game one.



Anyone that watched the first game against the Chiefs probably shouted at their TV at least once during the game.  The most likely phrase screamed at the TV was probably “why the hell are the Pats throwing it deep all the time?”  Maybe that was just me, because I know I shouted that at least once.

The Patriots will move into their passing attack mode after running the ball.  This strategy will also be much more effective than my “spreading the ball around” and not just throwing deep.  Having Cooks and Hogan down the field was almost having a new toy for Brady last week.  Like anything new, you don’t want to wear it out from overuse.  The Pats have so many weapons in their passing arsenal that they should be OK.  By spreading the ball to Gronk, Burkhead, White and friends, then it should allow for deep throws sometimes.   Just don’t fall in love with the deep ball, Tom, because you don’t have to.

This so called spreading of the offensive wealth should allow for a better result then last week.  The Patriots have such a wide and varied offensive attack that things should work themselves out this week.


With the slight change of our teams’ offensive outlook, the result of this game should be better.  Keeping the Saints’ offens,e off of the field as much as possible, and grinding their D are going to be the keys to victory.  T,ake a deep breath Patriot Nation, because I think that loss last week will be a blessing.  Let’s Go Patriots.  Check out more great Patriot articles at BostonSportsExtra.com