As the Red Sox rolled onto another win on Sunday, JD Martinez had four at bats, going 2-4 with two homers and three RBI. It’s exactly where he hit them on Sunday that made the impression. 

After a one-out double by Mitch Moreland, JD came to the plate. With the score 3-0, the Sox looked for more runs to break it open. Martinez would take the second pitch, a 1-0 fastball, to deep center for his second homer of the day.  Sox up 5-0.  JD Martinez home runs are always fun, but what was even more awesome about them was where he hit them, or placed them, as the case may be.

In Martinez’s first at bat, Orioles’ David Hess threw a first-pitch fastball on the inner half.   That hit went the other way, going around the pesky pole for a home run. As everyone knows, the pole is the shortest part of Fenway. There aren’t too many homers that leave that area every year. But when they do, they’re among the most unique home runs you’ll see in baseball.  

Laser Precision

On his first home run that went around the pole in right, it traveled 324 feet. He took an inside pitch and drove the other way to the shortest part of the ballpark, deep enough to get out. On his second homer, he took a fastball over the plate to the second row in the center field bleachers. JD hit it to the deepest part of the park, while in his first at bat, he hit it to the shortest part of the park, both homers. 

Martinez has proved that he is not just a home run, all-or-nothing type hitter. He is just an overall smart batter who can hit for a good average, get on base, while also being a slugger. JD also can just hit the ball wherever he wants. He continued to do that on Sunday. Martinez has certainly been something to watch thus far, and the best part — it’s only May. We’re going to be watching this all summer. The best is yet to come.