J.D. Martinez Now Plays for Boston

This offseason has been tedious and uneventful. As far as being a Red Sox fan goes, this offseason has just been about waiting to see any rumors for J.D. Martinez. Him and Scott Boras have been trying all offseason to get as much cash as they can. The Red Sox were always the favorites to land J.D., but there were rumors of him potentially going back to Arizona. But the wait is now over. Dombrowski and Boras were able to come to an agreement. J.D. Martinez is now on the Red Sox.

The deal is for five years and $110 million with an opt out after the second year. I absolutely love it. It’s not the $210 million Boras was asking for at the start of the offseason.

This is a huge move for the Red Sox. This is the bat they’ve needed ever since the moment Ortiz retired. That’s why the offense hasn’t been as strong as they were in 2016. Lots of the players having down years didn’t help either. That’s another reason why this deal is great. Getting J.D. Martinez to be in the center of a lineup of guys who are due for a bounce-back year is exciting. The Red Sox are slated to make another deep postseason run. With this huge addition to the team, one can only assume that Boston will squash the underdog label they have been given. Analysts and top places for US gamblers to bet are underestimating this year’s squad very early. However, Boston is embracing their role as the dark horse.

Thank the Man Behind the Curtain

Everyone (including myself) freaked out when the Yankees traded for Stanton. But do you know who kept his composure? A man by the name of David Dombrowski. When everyone else panicked as soon as the Yankees got their guy, Dombrowski stayed smart through the whole process. He remained stoic until Boras agreed with the contract he wanted and got J.D. Martinez. You can make an argument that Martinez is in fact better than Stanton, and there are numbers to back that up.

You have to give Dombrowski all the credit in the world for this one. He was willing to be patient and not give in to what Boras wanted, knowing that the market was incredibly small for Martinez. And look where we are now. It’s hilarious because all offseason fans have been upset that the Red Sox haven’t done anything. Well let me tell you something- it’s been that way for every single team. But now the dominoes are starting to fall.

Overall this is a huge deal for the Red Sox. It should not only get fans excited, but will get people to not take this team lightly anymore. This is a deal that will make us a true threat to the Yankees.