Jimmy Garoppolo Taking the Patriot Way with Him

Via SFGateDespite the drama in New England, Jimmy Garoppolo has gone to San Francisco to be their next franchise quarterback. You can tell Garoppolo has taken a lot from his time with the Patriots and being under Tom Brady. Jimmy Garoppolo is also a two time Super Bowl Champion and knows what it takes to win. Garoppolo should’ve been the next guy in New England. However, football fans will see him shine in San Francisco.

Jimmy Garoppolo Sounded like Tom Brady Yesterday

Via Daily SnarkGaroppolo talked yesterday and really sounded like Tom Brady. Garoppolo gathered teammates on Saturday for extra work, saying, “We had our first one this weekend. It’s just something that I like to do. It kinds of gets us away from the coaches and everything, and allows me to talk to the receivers about specific things, or the tight ends or running backs. We try to get everyone out there that we can. I understand people have things that they have to get to. But we had a great showing this Saturday. It was good. Just to be on the same page with those guys, talking through route concepts and how they see it versus how I see it, it just gets us on the same page.”

Garoppolo also said, “You’ve got to take care of their legs. They’ve got us working pretty hard during the week, so you’ve got to be careful with that. But those guys, our receivers, tight ends and running backs came back in great shape. The conditioning part of it, it always makes my job easier when I can throw forever because those guys are willing to run. It’s nice to have that luxury.”

Garoppolo Is Ready for the Upcoming Season

Via Chat SportsGaroppolo said he didn’t learn that from Tom Brady and was really starting getting teammates together in high school for a side practice. Garoppolo’s expectations going forward are having a great OTA, then minicamp, then having a great training camp. Some Patriots habits are hard to break, according to Jim Trotter of the NFL Network. One thing’s for certain- it will be fun watching Garoppolo this season. Also, it’s a break from the Patriots drama.