I’d say Jim Buchanan is one of my favorite reporters out there! Joe Kelly has been doing a great job of trolling everybody at the Red Sox spring training camp. He recently started dressing up as some goofy reporter named Jim Buchanan. He’s been messing around with the media and security guards, which is awesome and hilarious.

Joe Kelly, who came over to Boston in the John Lackey trade back in 2014, has had a great past couple years as a reliever. He used to be a starter, but couldn’t usually pitch deep into games. He is just a better overall pitcher when used in the bullpen.

His velocity as a reliever is different too, as his fastball can top out at 101 mph. He also developed a very effective curveball and slider. He will be a huge part of this bullpen in 2018 and hopefully someone we can all rely on and feel comfortable with late in a game.

Joe Kelly in particular being good is a great thing for this Red Sox team. As you can see with the Joe Buchanan thing, he is a very goofy person. He’s a great clubhouse guy and someone who can keep the guys in a good mood and laughing at all times. You can never have enough of those guys on your team.

Joe Kelly has done some awesome things in his career, but nothing has topped his stand-off in the National Anthem against Scott Van Slyke of the Dodgers. It wasn’t before some spring training game. Not during a regular season game either. It was before Game 6 of the flipping NLCS. Joe Kelly forever.


Cover image courtesy of The Boston Herald.