Johnny Manziel in a Patriots Uniform

Via For The Win – USA Today

Johnny Manziel, who completely destroyed his NFL chances once before, is attempting to make a comeback in the league. Manziel worked out for 13 NFL teams yesterday, one of those teams being the New England Patriots. When he first got drafted by Cleveland, Manziel made that stupid money sign like he’s getting paid millions. He didn’t care if the Browns were terrible. Then the reality check stepped in fast and he went on a downhill spiral.

The Patriots are trying to get their locker room back. They re-signed Matthew Slater and signed Devin McCourty’s brother, Jason, for this very reason. Why would you bring in someone who is a complete dysfunctional mess and doesn’t care about anybody but himself? Patriot fans who say Belichick can fix Manziel, because he’s done it before with other problem players, need to realize this- Belichick has completely lost his locker room. With that clown in there things would only get worse.

Manziel Belongs on a Terrible Team

Via 247Sports

Manziel belongs on a dysfunctional team. He needs to be on a team where he’ll have to earn a championship and not just get one because he’s on the Patriots. The Patriots should just draft a quarterback and develop him. The difference between Tebow being here and Manziel was that Tebow isn’t a punk.

The only reason Manziel wants to come to the Patriots is that he wants a championship now. He might also be eyeing the starting job down the road. Yesterday, Johnny spoke after the workout saying, “I feel like my head’s on right. If people get a chance to be around me and sit down and get a chance to see where I’m at, maybe they’ll see something different than in the past, maybe I won’t come off as entitled or arrogant or cocky or whatever it might have been in the past that rubbed people the wrong way.”

I’ll believe it when I see it. He could be all talk so a team can pick him up.