The Future Is Now for the Patriots

Let’s go back in time to after the Super Bowl loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. Josh McDaniels was on the verge of taking the Indianapolis Colts head coaching job. He was about to step away from the Patriots organization. But after the Super Bowl, Belichick, Kraft, and McDaniels got together and had a meeting. During that meeting, there’s speculation that Belichick announced his upcoming retirement at the end of the season. Josh McDaniels would become the head coach following this season. I’ve said this before, but the more I see how they are planning for the future it could be true.

Belichick had McDaniels in the draft room in April, along with Director of Player Personnel Nick Caserio. They stacked up for the 2019 NFL Draft so Josh and Nick can really build a team for the future. While they are trying to do that, the drama between Brady and Belichick has taken a toll on this off-season, and with good reason. However, some Patriots fans think this is all part of Belichick’s plan to fool the media, but if that was the case Brady would be at OTAs.

Josh McDaniels Had to Know What His Future in New England Was Going to Be Like

McDaniels had to know what his future was going to be like before he made his decision to come back. Once he found out that he would be the next head coach, he really had no choice to come back. It hasn’t been released because they don’t want it to become a distraction. There’s enough drama going on in Foxborough. If it is true the only people who know are Belichick, Kraft, McDaniels, and possibly Nick Caserio. Tom Brady or any other player wouldn’t know. It’s a fact that Brady had a say in bringing McDaniels back. Just like how he went over Belichick’s head to get rid of Jimmy Garoppolo.

Belichick is still mad about Brady going over his head, while Brady is still upset that Belichick won’t let his trainer in the locker room. The answer to why did Josh McDaniels come back? It’s pretty simple, because the future is now for this team, like it or not. Josh is part of the future along with Danny Etling who just signed a four-year contract. He may not be Brady, but it helps that he was working with Brady’s throwing coaches.