Josh McDaniels Is Likely to Remain with the Patriots

It is now safe to say Josh McDaniels will remain with the Patriots for one more season. The Packers have decided to hire Tennessee Titans offensive coordinator Matt LaFleur to replace Mike McCarthy. Green Bay is the only team McDaniels has Interviewed with per Ian Rapoport. Josh also reportedly turned down a request from the Bengals.

Josh McDaniels may have lost out on the Packer job, but it’s not all bad news for the Super Bowl Champion coordinator. The Patriots could be loading up this upcoming offseason while Brady’s window is still open.

He could be a part of another championship team, which would raise his stock for the future. His coaching career hasn’t been great outside of New England. His reputation took a hit last year, as he left the Colts at the alter. Maybe this is Karma coming back to bite him, although he’s still the offensive coordinator for the greatest quarterback of all time.

The Pats Had McDaniels Replacement In Kliff Kingsbury

Reports of Kliff Kingsbury stepping in as the new Patriots OC have been everywhere. Monday news broke that multiple NFL teams are interested in Kingsbury as a Head Coach. Once again it seems the Patriots lucked out with McDaniels not getting the Packers job. Kingsbury is being looked at by multiple teams, and he would surely take head coach money over OC pay. Green Bay may have just stopped the Pats plans from blowing up in their face. This situation is far from over, as we all know things can change at any moment. The Browns could still be in play for McDaniels. But for now, it’s looking like Josh will be wearing his Patriots visor for at least one more year.