Julian Edelman’s Shot at Bill Belichick

In the video above, you see Julian Edelman being worked on by Alex Guerrero. Edelman by the sound of his voice sounds like he’s really doing this on purpose to stick it to Belichick. By making this video, Edelman is really sticking up for his teammates Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski. As I said before: don’t be surprised if you see Edelman start saying he isn’t happy with Belichick’s style either. This is the first sign of it.

Edelman and Brady were throwing inside the practice field the other day. Edelman is coming off ACL surgery and needs to get back on top of his game. As for Belichick, this just proves my point that he’s just sick of Brady going over his head and thinking he has the answers. Which is why Belichick will be leaving after this season.

Edelman Getting Ready for the Season

Edelman is going to the extreme by posting this video to his Instagram story. Again, I’m not sure if the players, especially Brady or Gronk, know this will be Belichick’s last season. I’m pretty sure they are trying to keep that in-house or so they thought. Edelman and Brady are best friends. When Brady came out with TB12, Edelman started JE11. If Edelman or Gronkowski get hurt this season Belichick will be upset. But he also might call them out again for training at TB12. Belichick will walk away with his head held high from everything he’s accomplished.

Everyone knows this video will make Belichick upset, just like Gronk telling Amendola to ‘BE FREE, BE HAPPY’.  But he can give an I told you so to Robert Kraft at the end of this season about trading the next guy when Brady will be gone at the end of his contract. Consequently, the Patriot Way is starting to be the player’s way.